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Minotaure by Paloma Picasso

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1992
Perfumer: Michel Almairac

Key Notes of Minotaure

What Does Minotaure Smell Like

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso offers an intriguing scent experience that navigates between sweetness and spiciness, underscored by oriental tones. The first whiff reveals a dynamic blend of fruits, creating the perfume's lively character, punctuated by the vibrant zest of bergamot and the intriguing bite of coriander. This fruitiness is wonderfully accented with the sharp, green essence of galbanum and the distinctively fresh and aromatic tarragon.

As the initial fruity intensity subsides, the perfume transitions to a floral heart. The geranium's aromatic sweetness stands out, complementing the subtle, fresh lily of the valley. The less dominant but still perceptible jasmine and rose yield a gentle floral nuance, adding depth to the perfume's character.

In its final stages, Minotaure reveals a warm, comforting foundation. The scent of tonka bean dominates, providing a slightly sweet, vanilla-like aroma. The strong presence of musk adds a sensuous depth, creating a contrast with the mild sweetness of vanilla. The distinct richness of amber, the creamy softness of sandalwood, and the woody strength of cedar all come together to create a lasting impression that is both compelling and mesmerizing.

Review of Minotaure

Minotaure by Paloma Picasso is a perfume that seems equally suited for your daily activities or a night out. This Eau de Toilette has a predominantly sweet and spicy aroma with a distinct oriental feel. Its scent profile also includes fruity, woody, and floral notes, adding a depth that's sure to be appreciated by those who enjoy complex fragrances.

The perfume leans towards the masculine side in terms of its audience, making it a suitable choice for men seeking a signature scent. It's an excellent option for those looking for a fragrance that can transition smoothly from fall to winter, although it can be worn in any season.

One of the standout aspects of Minotaure is its balance of powdery and citrus notes, which are underlined by an undertone of animal scent. This unique combination gives the perfume an inviting aroma that is both assertive and discreet. The longevity and sillage are decent, making it a good value for the price.

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