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Valaya by Parfums de Marly

Valaya by Parfums de Marly
Gender: Women
Release date: 2023
Perfumer: Quentin Bisch

What Does Valaya Smell Like

Valaya by Parfums de Marly opens with a lively aroma of sweet white peaches, quickly accompanied by the tangy zest of Italian mandarin oranges and a subtle hint of bergamot. These notes create a bright and cheerful scent profile that is both fruity and citrusy, yet soft and not overwhelming.

As the fruity top notes settle, the heart of the perfume emerges, characterized by the floral sweetness of orange blossom. This is softened by the earthy touch of Haitian vetiver, which adds depth and complexity to the overall fragrance.

As the perfume evolves, the base notes start to unfold and provide a warm and comforting backdrop for the other aromas. The scent of musk dominates the base, creating a sensual and seductive undertone. This is complemented by the woody spiciness of Akigalawood® and the amber-like quality of Ambrofix, which add an exotic twist to the perfume. The inclusion of vanilla adds a subtle sweetness, tying everything together.

In summary, Valaya by Parfums de Marly is a complex but coherent scent that begins with fresh, fruity notes, transitions to a floral heart, and concludes with rich, musky base notes. It is an inviting composition that successfully combines different olfactory elements without any single note overpowering the others.

Review of Valaya

Valaya by Parfums de Marly is a perfume that first and foremost, seems to have been designed with women in mind, making it a distinctive choice for ladies who appreciate a perfume that feels personal and feminine. It's a scent that you'll find yourself reaching for mostly during the warmer months of spring and summer, thanks to its fresh, floral, and citrusy elements. The presence of white peach, Italian mandarin orange, and bergamot offers a delightful fruitiness that doesn't overpower but instead, adds a layer of complexity to the perfume.

Interestingly, Valaya boasts a blend of synthetic notes that make it quite modern. It doesn't shy away from the more artificial side of perfumery, and yet, it manages to maintain a sense of balance with its natural elements.

On the downside, the perfume's value might not entirely align with its scent quality, which can make it a tough sell for those on a stricter budget. It's a perfume that has longevity, with a long-lasting scent that lingers and yet doesn't feel too overpowering. This makes it suitable for a variety of occasions from a daily workspace to a leisurely evening out.

In summary, Valaya by Parfums de Marly is a modern, feminine perfume that offers a fresh, slightly fruity scent primarily suited for warmer seasons. Its longevity and noticeable yet gentle sillage make it a reliable choice, while its noticeable synthetic notes and value point may be worth considering before purchase.

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