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Belgravia Chypre by Penhaligon’s

Belgravia Chypre by Penhaligon's
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018

Key Notes of Belgravia Chypre

What Does Belgravia Chypre Smell Like

Belgravia Chypre by Penhaligon's opens with a distinctive spicy sensation, courtesy of pink pepper, which is softened by the sweet and slightly tart touch of raspberry. The introduction of bergamot further mellows the fragrance, adding a light, citrusy freshness to the blend. As the initial scents start to fade, the perfume reveals its heart of maté. This note introduces a tea-like earthiness that shifts the fragrance's mood to a more grounded and calming state. This sense of tranquility is subtly amplified by the addition of may rose, bringing in a romantic floral nuance to the perfume.

As the fragrance continues to evolve, the base notes emerge, grounding the composition with an earthy foundation. The most dominant scent in this phase is patchouli, lending a woody, slightly sweet depth to the fragrance. Labdanum enhances this depth, adding a rich resinous texture, while oakmoss rounds out the perfume with a mossy, slightly damp forest aroma.

Overall, Belgravia Chypre is a scent journey that begins with a blend of spice and fruit, transits through a calming, earthy heart, and finishes with a deep, resinous base. It is a sensorial tapestry that seamlessly intertwines contrasting elements to construct a harmonious olfactory experience.

Review of Belgravia Chypre

Belgravia Chypre by Penhaligon's is an interesting entrant in the perfume world. A unisex perfume, it finds its primary audience among women, followed by a close competition from men. Its appeal extends across age groups, though it seems to strike a particular chord with a mature crowd.

The perfume exudes a predominantly spicy and chypre scent, with a tasteful floral undertone. This blend makes it apt for both the crisp feel of fall and the fresh bloom of spring, though it doesn't shy away from winter or summer. Its earthy and fruity hints add depth, making it a versatile choice for various occasions.

Belgravia Chypre is a perfume that doesn't demand attention but rather, earns it subtly. It's well-suited for leisurely outings, night outs, and evening gatherings. However, its charm doesn't diminish when worn daily or to a business meeting.

The top notes of pink pepper, raspberry, and bergamot create a welcoming opening, paving the way for the intriguing middle notes of maté and May rose. The base notes of patchouli, labdanum, and oakmoss linger on, leaving a memorable trail.

While the scent has an appreciable level of longevity, it could use a bit more punch in its sillage. Also, considering the price point, it's not exactly a steal. However, if you value a unique blend that straddles seasons, occasions, and age groups, Belgravia Chypre could be worth a try. It encapsulates a delicate balance of bold and soft, creating a fragrance that resonates with a wide audience while retaining its distinct identity.

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