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Bluebell by Penhaligon’s

Bluebell by Penhaligon's
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1978

What Does Bluebell Smell Like

Bluebell by Penhaligon's welcomes you with a clear, vibrant smell of lemon. This citrusy scent is not overly sweet or puckering, but bright and pure, unfolding like a scent of freshly cut lemons on a sunny day. As you continue to experience it, the fragrance evolves, giving way to a heart dominated by hyacinth and lily of the valley. The hyacinth's potent, deeply floral tones are softened by the more delicate, spring-like aroma of the lily of the valley, creating a green and beautifully floral blend. Accenting this are fleeting hints of cyclamen, jasmine, and a barely-there touch of rose, working together to add complexity without overpowering the main floral theme. As it dries, a woody and spicy undertone emerges. Galbanum imparts a green, resinous scent, subtly contrasted by the warm, yet slightly piquant notes of clove. The merest whisper of cinnamon provides a gentle warmth to the base, grounding the brighter top and middle notes. This perfume evokes a walk in a blooming, verdant garden, offering a harmonious interplay between the fresh, floral, and spicy accords.

Review of Bluebell

Bluebell by Penhaligon's is a perfume rooted in the past, yet with a scent that is timeless and seasonless. Most appealing to women, this fragrance offers a strong floral presence, making it a perfect choice for those who appreciate nature's bounty. It displays a bouquet dominated by hyacinth and lily of the valley, with a touch of lemon adding some zest to the mix.

The perfume's fortitude is not to be underestimated; it sticks around without being overly intrusive. You can wear it from morning to afternoon and still detect the last notes of galbanum and clove dancing on your skin at the end of the day. This makes it a suitable choice for a leisurely day out or on daily office routines.

Despite its longevity, Bluebell falls short on its projection, meaning it's not the best choice if you're after a scent that announces your arrival. That said, its subtlety becomes a strength when worn in professional environments or intimate gatherings, where a softer, more personal scent is preferred.

As for seasons, this perfume thrives in the freshness of spring and the warmth of summer, but won't shy away from fall's chill. However, its floral and green essence might feel slightly out of place in the thick of winter.

Value-wise, Bluebell is a solid choice for its price, especially considering its staying power. While it's not going to turn every head in the room, its charm lies in its quiet presence and enduring nature. This is a solid, dependable fragrance that delivers what it promises and doesn't try to be what it's not.

Overall, Bluebell by Penhaligon's is a fragrance that doesn't scream for attention but rather, elegantly whispers. It's worth considering if you're after a reliable, understated scent that speaks volumes in its subtlety and longevity.

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