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Douro Eau de Portugal by Penhaligon’s

Douro Eau de Portugal by Penhaligon's
Gender: Men
Release date: 1985

Key Notes of Douro Eau de Portugal

What Does Douro Eau de Portugal Smell Like

Douro Eau de Portugal by Penhaligon's opens up with a strong, vibrant wave of citrus notes. Bergamot, lemon and lime take the lead, lending a crisp, zesty aroma that instantly perks up the senses. Mingled with the citrus forefront, there is the presence of basil, lending a slightly herbal nuance that grounds the initial surge of fruitiness. Lavender imparts a calming, floral softness, alongside geranium which adds a light, rosy backdrop.

As the perfume evolves, the heart reveals a more subdued but distinct floral character. The subtle sweetness of lily of the valley blends with the slightly bitter, honeyed aroma of neroli. These two elements present a delicate contrast that adds to the perfume’s complexity without overpowering the fresh and green character.

In the dry down, the perfume takes on a more earthy, warm tone. The damp, forest-like scent of oakmoss emerges, pairing well with the creamy, soft scent of sandalwood. Labdanum contributes a resinous hint, a touch of slight balsamic sweetness that isn't overly sweet. Musk wraps everything up in a soft, subtly animalic embrace, adding depth and warmth to the final stages of this scent journey. Overall, Douro Eau de Portugal offers a refreshing citrus feast, coupled with soft floral touches and warm, earthy undertones.

Review of Douro Eau de Portugal

Douro Eau de Portugal by Penhaligon's is a distinctive perfume that speaks to a man's timeless elegance. Released in 1985, it carries a subtle, old-world charm that is still relevant and appealing today. This fragrance primarily finds favor among men, particularly those who appreciate a nod to classic, understated scents.

The perfume opens with a vibrant symphony of citrus notes, dominated by the brightness of bergamot, lime, and lemon. Citrus scents are known for their uplifting and revitalizing qualities, and Douro Eau de Portugal is no different. It's a fragrance that embraces the morning sun and carries that energy throughout the day.

The scent progresses to a heart of gentle florals, predominantly lily of the valley and neroli. This floral middle is a soft counterpoint to the initial citrus burst, adding a layer of depth without becoming overwhelming. The base is a soothing blend of oakmoss, sandalwood, and musk, grounding the perfume with a woodsy, earthy finish that lingers pleasantly on the skin.

While the fragrance does well in spring and summer, it also carries quite well into the mellowness of fall. This makes Douro Eau de Portugal versatile enough for daily wear, whether for business or leisure. However, its longevity could be improved. It tends to fade faster than some may prefer, so be prepared for the occasional reapplication.

Despite this minor shortcoming, Douro Eau de Portugal offers good value. It's a perfume that captures the spirit of a refined gentleman, effortlessly marrying fresh and spicy elements with floral subtleties and a grounded finish. It's an investment in a scent that is decidedly masculine, yet never aggressive.

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