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Ellenisia by Penhaligon’s

Ellenisia by Penhaligon's
Gender: Women
Release date: 2004
Perfumer: Steve DeMercado

What Does Ellenisia Smell Like

Ellenisia by Penhaligon's is a floral and fresh women's perfume that opens with a clear note of violet leaf, a green, slightly watery scent that mingles softly with the citrusy tang of Mandarin orange zest. This initial hint of freshness paves the way for a heart that is profoundly floral. The lavish aroma of gardenia takes the lead, rich and creamy, yet distinctly green and fresh. The gardenia is on equal footing with jasmine, another potent floral note with a honeyed sweetness and subtly green undertones. The scent of tuberose is not far behind, intoxicatingly sweet, slightly spicy yet creamy, and a subtle presence of rose gives a classic, romantic edge to the overall scent profile.

In the base, a warm, comforting vanilla asserts itself though not overpowering. It's sweet, creamy presence is nicely offset by the juicy, fruity sweetness of plum nectar. While the base notes complement the floral heart, they also add a touch of sensuality to the perfume’s finish. In its entirety, Ellenisia presents itself as an opulent floral perfume, balanced by fresh green nuances and sweetened with subtle fruitiness and comforting vanilla.

Review of Ellenisia

Ellenisia by Penhaligon's is a perfume that notably appeals to the more mature woman's sensibilities, but it carries enough freshness to draw in younger users as well. It's the kind of scent that greets you like a warm, dewy morning in a lush garden, bursting with floral notes. The noticeable undercurrents of gardenia and jasmine give it a classic, somewhat nostalgic feel. This fragrance does not shy away from its floral nature, but embraces it.

While Ellenisia is undeniably feminine, it isn't overwhelmingly sweet. There's a balance here, courtesy of its green and citrus notes. The scent of violet leaf and mandarin orange zest work together to give the perfume its fresh edge, offsetting the richer floral elements. It's a scent that works well in the spring and summer months, bringing to mind blooming gardens and sunlit citrus groves.

As for its wearability, Ellenisia is a versatile perfume that can fit into various occasions. It can be a comforting daily scent, a refreshing pick for leisure activities, or a subtle choice for business environments. However, it may not pack enough of a punch for those special evening events or nights out, given its lighter sillage.

In terms of its longevity, it's decent but not exceptional. You might need to reapply during the day to maintain its presence. It's also worth mentioning that the base notes of vanilla and plum nectar, while pleasant, don't stand out as much as the other notes.

Value-wise, Ellenisia offers a solid return, especially for those who appreciate a less provocative, more comforting scent.

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