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Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon’s

Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon's
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Endymion Concentré

What Does Endymion Concentré Smell Like

Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon's opens with a bright note of bergamot that is immediately followed by a soft touch of lavender and a hint of sage. The initial citrusy fragrance mellows down to a fresh herbal aroma, providing a clean and revitalizing scent. As the perfume unfolds, you are introduced to the distinct middle notes of suede and geranium. The suede gives a subtly smooth and warm undertone, while the geranium adds a slightly minty and rosy edge to the overall aroma. This combination creates an unexpected but pleasing contrast to the initial freshness. Lastly, the base notes of frankincense, leather, and nutmeg come into play, lending a deep and robust character to the fragrance. The frankincense offers a sweet, woody aroma with a touch of spice. The addition of leather contributes a rich, animalic scent, while the nutmeg adds a gentle spice with a sweet undertone. Together, they create a bold, spicy, and woody finish. In summary, Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon's boasts a refreshing and invigorating beginning that gradually descends into a warm, spicy, and subtly leathery scent, leaving a lasting woody impression.

Review of Endymion Concentré

Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon’s is a perfume that headlines its presence with a bold, spicy kick. This predominantly masculine perfume captures attention right off with its unique blend of herbal top notes, namely sage and lavender. The spicy character harmonizes perfectly with the leathery undertones, giving it a powerful yet comfortable appeal, particularly for mature users.

The fragrance journeys through its middle phase with a distinctive suede note, creating a pleasantly warm and intimate aura. Its woody and fresh elements are more subtle, lending an earthy and crisp facet to the perfume without overpowering the primary spicy-leathery blend. It is in this harmonious mingling of notes where Endymion Concentré truly captures the essence of autumn and early spring – the seasons it shines the most in.

One of the primary strengths of this perfume is its versatility - it's as much at home in a leisurely setting as it is in a business environment. Despite this, it may not be the best choice for sporty or high-energy occasions due to its intense, leathery profile.

In terms of longevity, the scent does not stick around as long as one might hope for. The potency of the perfume weakens over time, and by the end of the day, it's more of a whisper of its former self.

In conclusion, Endymion Concentré by Penhaligon’s is an assertive and masculine fragrance that resonates with men who appreciate a powerful, spicy-leathery scent. While its longevity could use some improvement, its unique aroma and versatility make it a worthy consideration for those seeking a distinctive signature scent.

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