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Portraits - Monsieur Beauregard by Penhaligon’s

Portraits - Monsieur Beauregard by Penhaligon's
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017

Key Notes of Portraits - Monsieur Beauregard

What Does Portraits - Monsieur Beauregard Smell Like

Upon the first encounter with Portraits - Monsieur Beauregard by Penhaligon's, the immediate introduction of a sweet and crisp, citrusy aroma from the lemon tickles your senses. This is quickly accompanied by the mildly fiery, slightly fruity scent of the pink pepper, adding a playful yet subtle spicy undertone, ensuring it doesn't overpower the fresh citrus. As the fragrance starts to unfold, the middle notes become more evident with the soft muted floral scent of iris coming through. This transitions the fragrance from its initial citrusy freshness towards a slightly warmer, richer profile. As the perfume settles, the woody and creamy characters start to anchor the scent. The sandalwood provides a milky, smooth, woody aroma, while tonka bean lends a hint of warmth with its subtle vanilla-almond quality. The patchouli is barely noticeable, but it imparts an earthy depth that gives the scent maturity. The end result is a sweet, woody, slightly powdery and spicy scent, with a creamy texture. It's a fragrance designed to portray a certain man, complex and yet noticeable by a scent that's familiar, comforting, and inviting.

Review of Portraits - Monsieur Beauregard

Monsieur Beauregard by Penhaligon's is a fragrance that exudes a certain charm, albeit with a hint of eccentricity. Intended largely for men, it presents a charming blend of sweet, woody, and spicy notes. With an underpinning of powdery and creamy elements, this scent is an interesting mix that simultaneously comforts and engages the senses.

Undeniably, the pronounced sweetness and woody undertones make it appealing for the colder months of fall and winter. Its character is warm and inviting, much like a cosy fireside on a chilly evening. For those who prefer a scent with a little more complexity, Monsieur Beauregard does not disappoint. The scent carries a spicy edge, giving it a hint of intrigue without being overbearing.

Although the scent lacks a bit of punch in the warmer months, it does have a place in the spring. Its powdery, floral undertones provide a soft, mellow backdrop that can feel refreshing after the heaviness of winter. However, given its rich composition, it might feel a little out of place in the height of summer.

For occasions, it leans more towards leisurely evenings and nights out, but it also works for daily wear. It has a relaxed, confident vibe that makes it suitable for informal settings. However, its lack of crispness might make it less appealing for professional or business settings.

As for longevity and sillage, Monsieur Beauregard is decent but not outstanding. It tends to stay close to the skin, making it a more personal scent. So, if you're looking for a cologne that announces your presence from across the room, this might not be the one for you. However, if you prefer a more intimate, under-the-radar scent, Monsieur Beauregard could be a solid choice. It's not a bargain by any means, but it does offer fair value for the quality it delivers.

In summary, Penhaligon's Monsieur Beauregard is a solid entry for those seeking a scent that is sweet, woody, and slightly left of centre. It's not without its drawbacks, but its charm lies in its quiet complexity and warmth.

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