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Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi by Penhaligon’s

Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi by Penhaligon's
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Alexander Lee

Key Notes of Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi

What Does Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi Smell Like

Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi by Penhaligon's for Men immediately speaks with a light and sparkling aroma of palo santo and bergamot, with a hint of pink pepper. These top notes deliver a subtly smoky sensation, spiked with a spiciness that entices the senses.

As the perfume develops, middle notes become more apparent. The dual frankincense tones lend a woody, resinous scent to the composition, while a touch of jasmine sambac absolute adds an oriental floral whisper that deftly intertwines with the other notes. The milk note is almost imperceptible, not adding sweetness but more of an underlying creamy texture to the fragrance.

The perfume's dry down reveals a robust base that is both rooted and complex. Fir balsam absolute lends a piney, forest-like scent, harmoniously blending with the creaminess of sandalwood and the earthiness of vetiver. A hint of suede gives the perfume a luxurious finish, adding an unexpected twist to an already richly layered scent profile.

Agarbathi by Penhaligon's is, at its heart, a smoky, woody fragrance with strong spicy nuances. Its oriental undertones, paired with a subtle floral note, give it a captivating complexity. The perfume is resolute, yet has a softness to it, making it a perfect harmony of contrasting elements.

Review of Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi

Penhaligon's Trade Routes Collection - Agarbathi is a perfume that truly takes you on a sensorial voyage. Released in 2017, it has proven to be a favorite among a mature male audience, though it has also found its place among women who appreciate a bold scent.

Expressive in its aroma, Agarbathi unfolds on the skin with a woody and spicy profile that is immediately noticeable. It sets the stage for the smoky undertones that linger, hinting at the sensual complexity of this fragrance. The scent brings to mind the earthiness of a forest walk with its resinous touch, yet the oriental undercurrents provide an exotic twist. While the scent is robust, it doesn't overwhelm; its sillage is moderate, creating an intimate aura around the wearer.

Despite its robust profile, Agarbathi is surprisingly versatile, fitting in just as well at a leisurely brunch as it does during a relaxed evening out. Its creaminess and sweet florals bring a comforting feel to the scent, making it an excellent choice for daily wear in cooler months. However, it lacks the lightness and freshness that are typically sought after in a summer perfume.

Its most significant shortcoming lies in its longevity. While it lasts reasonably well, there are other fragrances in this price range that offer a more enduring presence. Considering its cost, Agarbathi could offer better value for the money.

Overall, Penhaligon's Agarbathi is a distinctive and inviting fragrance. It's a choice for those who appreciate an expressive yet comforting scent with an exotic twist, despite its moderate performance in longevity.

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