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Trade Routes Collection - Babylon by Penhaligon’s

Trade Routes Collection - Babylon by Penhaligon's
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019

Key Notes of Trade Routes Collection - Babylon

What Does Trade Routes Collection - Babylon Smell Like

Trade Routes Collection - Babylon by Penhaligon's embarks on a fragrant journey that starts strong with a top wave of distinct spicy nutmeg and slightly less pronounced coriander. These two notes blend to create an upper layer that's warm and inviting. With a light touch of saffron, the scent introduces an undoubtedly exotic vibe, infusing the air with a trace of sweetness.

The heart of the perfume reveals a dominant note of Cypriol, introducing a resiny, woody essence with a smoky undertone. This middle note acts as a bridge between the spicy top notes and the base, intensifying the Oriental character of the perfume.

As the perfume further settles, the base notes come into play. Atlas cedar lends the perfume an earthy, distinctly woody aroma. At the same time, the vanilla absolute presents an undeniable sweet, creamy scent that softens the composition. The presence of Ceylonese sandalwood, while not equally assertive, adds a subtle woody, milky warmth, harmonizing the sweet and spicy elements. All together, the scent composition of Trade Routes Collection - Babylon forms a smoky, woody fragrance with a sweet spine and an exotic, oriental ambiance.

Review of Trade Routes Collection - Babylon

Penhaligon's Trade Routes Collection - Babylon, released in 2019, is a scent that carries an undeniable allure. As a unisex perfume, it strikes an interesting balance that appeals more to men, but definitely doesn't leave women out in the cold. Its spicy and woody notes provide an inviting warmth, which is beautifully complemented by a subtle sweetness that keeps the scent from feeling too heavy. With a faint smoky undertone and a touch of oriental charm, it's a perfume that can transport you to another place and time - a trait that is undeniably Babylonian in nature.

Ideal for the chillier months of fall and winter, Babylon is a scent that thrives in cooler weather. It's an ideal companion for an evening out, adding an appealing layer of intrigue to a night-time adventure. Simultaneously, it's versatile enough to be worn during more casual, leisurely activities. Its staying power is impressive, ensuring the wearer will carry its captivating scent well into the night.

However, it may not be the best fit for those who prefer lighter, more refreshing scents. The spicy, woody, and sweet elements can come off too strong for some noses, and it may not be ideal for the heat of summer. Additionally, it leans more toward the evening and night occasions, so it may not suit those who are seeking a perfume for daily or business use.

In summary, Penhaligon's Babylon is a complex, intriguing scent, perfect for those who desire a perfume that's a little out of the ordinary, embraces the chillier months, and isn't afraid to make its presence known.

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