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Trade Routes Collection - Cairo by Penhaligon’s

Trade Routes Collection - Cairo by Penhaligon's
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018

Key Notes of Trade Routes Collection - Cairo

What Does Trade Routes Collection - Cairo Smell Like

Trade Routes Collection - Cairo by Penhaligon's is a unisex fragrance that carries an unmistakable oriental personality. The initial wave of scent is heavily influenced by the Damask rose, lending an intoxicating floral aroma, commingled with the distinct, exotic spice of saffron. The whisper of frankincense adds a resinous undertone, hinting at the scent's more complex layers. As the top notes settle, the heart of the perfume transitions into a warm and slightly earthy essence. Labdanum, with its sweet, leathery fragrance, comes to the forefront, subtly underscored by the mysterious woody scent of Nagarmotha. The base of the perfume anchors the entirety of the fragrance experience, beginning with a strong undercurrent of patchouli — an aroma that's simultaneously sweet, dark, and earthy. Ceylonese sandalwood lends a milky, soft woody aroma that is seamlessly blended with the robust, resinous scent of Atlas cedar. The fragrance’s final act is completed by the comforting aroma of vanilla, adding an enticing sweetness that softly lingers, thereby adding depth and amplifying the rich oriental character of this scent.

Review of Trade Routes Collection - Cairo

The Trade Routes Collection - Cairo by Penhaligon's is a perfume steeped in olfactory adventure, echoing the spirit of a grand bazaar in an ancient city. Initially, the sensual allure of the Damask rose and saffron create a captivating introduction, while the waft of frankincense adds an element of mystery.

Though marketed as a unisex perfume, it seems to lean slightly more towards women, with its floral undertones making a subtle, yet significant presence. While its scent profile is diverse, it strikes a careful balance between oriental and floral elements, with a soft veil of sweetness. The spicy, woody, and slightly resinous notes add depth, making it a complex fragrance that unfolds gradually.

Its durability is commendable, promising to carry you through a long evening or an adventurous night out without fading into obscurity. Despite its lasting power, the sillage is moderate, never overwhelming the senses but offering a constant, pleasant aura. This makes it a reliable companion for leisure activities or even business meetings where a strong personal statement is appreciated.

Season-wise, Cairo comes into its own in the colder months. Its warmth and depth lend themselves beautifully to the cool, crisp air of fall and winter, although it can still hold its own on a cool spring day. However, considering its intensity, it may not be the best choice for the heat of summer.

In terms of value, Cairo is not the most affordable fragrance on the market. However, its unique blend and the sensory journey it offers do justify the investment for those seeking more than just a perfume. On the downside, some may find it a bit too sweet or intense, suggesting a certain level of discretion in its use.

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