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Trade Routes Collection - Empressa by Penhaligon’s

Trade Routes Collection - Empressa by Penhaligon's
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Perfumer: Mike Parrott

Key Notes of Trade Routes Collection - Empressa

What Does Trade Routes Collection - Empressa Smell Like

The Trade Routes Collection - Empressa by Penhaligon's opens with a clear, zesty aroma from the mandarin orange note, lightly tamed by the somewhat bitter touch of bergamot. The initial citrus splash is soon joined by the subtly sweet and tangy scent of blood orange, introducing a delightful fruitiness to the mix.

As the perfume develops further, the fragrance profile takes a turn towards the floral and fruity realm. The scent of geranium fills the air, complemented perfectly by the juicy sweetness of peach and the tartness of blackcurrant. A faint whiff of dewberry, neroli, and pink pepper adds an interesting twist - a hint of spiciness, akin to a soft prickle on the nose. This is faintly underscored by the scent of black pepper and cardamom, which provide a slight spicy kick.

The dry-down brings forth the base notes, with the earthy fragrance of patchouli taking the lead, softened by the warm essence of musk. The underlying notes of amber and cocoa add a touch of sweetness, while frankincense, maltol, sandalwood, and vanilla lend a comforting creaminess to the base. There's an underlying trace of woody notes, that provides a subtle hint of nature, grounding the fragrance and bringing it to a harmonious close.

Review of Trade Routes Collection - Empressa

Trade Routes Collection - Empressa by Penhaligon's is a fragrance that captures the essence of femininity in a complex, yet approachable composition. Released in 2014, this perfume has proved its lasting appeal, particularly amongst the mature audience who appreciates a sense of classic sophistication with a modern twist.

The initial blast of fragrance is an invigorating mix of citruses, particularly mandarin and blood orange, offering a zesty fresh start. The heart of the perfume unfolds into a mix of fruity and floral notes, with geranium and peach standing out, adding a layer of warmth and depth that makes Empressa a fragrance that is more than just a simple citrus.

The perfume's power isn't overwhelming, yet it's not too discreet either. It has a moderate presence that makes it suitable for a variety of contexts, from daily errands to evening outings. The longevity is decent, so it can be a trusted companion for most of your day.

Empressa's best time to shine appears to be during the refreshing ambiance of spring and the cozy, crisp days of fall. However, its layered composition means it won't feel out of place in summer or winter either.

In terms of value, Empressa is not your average budget perfume, but it does offer a beautiful balance of quality and price. As with many perfumes, it may not cater to everyone's taste, especially those who prefer a more dominant woody or powdery scent.

Overall, Empressa offers a well-rounded feminine experience that is both familiar and surprising. It is for those who enjoy the journey of scents as much as the destination. While it has areas to improve, its charm is undeniable. Remember, perfume choices are deeply personal, and Empressa might just be the unexpected delight you were looking for.

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