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Bois d'Oud by Perris Monte Carlo

Bois d'Oud by Perris Monte Carlo
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

Key Notes of Bois d'Oud

What Does Bois d'Oud Smell Like

Bois d'Oud by Perris Monte Carlo unfolds with a playful array of fruity and fresh undertones that are immediately noticeable. The sprightly scent of fruits dances around a crisp, clean aura, creating a lively, invigorating opening. As the fragrance starts to evolve, the warm and comforting nuances of cinnamon make a welcoming entrance, intertwining with the delicately sweet and subtly exotic aroma of jasmine and rose. The added hint of spices fosters a gentle yet captivating complexity that intrigues the senses.

However, it is the base notes that are the true backbone of this fragrance. The distinctive and rich scent of oud is most pronounced, lending a woody depth that grounds the entire composition. The underlying warmth of saffron, coupled with the sweet, comforting notes of vanilla, add a layer of luxury while retaining a sense of earthiness. Hints of cumin and papyrus bring a slightly smoky, textured dimension to the mix. A light touch of musk lingers in the background, adding a soft, sensual finish to the overall scent profile. Bois d'Oud by Perris Monte Carlo is a symphony of scent that weaves a narrative of depth, warmth, and a touch of sweetness.

Review of Bois d'Oud

Bois d'Oud by Perris Monte Carlo is a dynamic fragrance that blurs the lines between traditional gender roles. At its core, it reveals itself as a unisex scent with a slightly stronger leaning towards men. It offers a rich tapestry of woody and oriental notes, with an inviting undercurrent of spices that catch your senses off-guard. This perfume offers a sweet, but not cloying, aroma that is beautifully offset by hints of smoky and resinous tones. On certain occasions, you might catch a glimmer of earthy, leathery, fruity, and floral nuances, adding to its complex character. The fragrance asserts itself most predominantly in the crisp air of fall and the chilly atmosphere of winter, making it an excellent choice for evening events or a night out. However, it doesn't shy away from making its presence known during leisure moments or even in daily wear. Bois d'Oud is a perfume that leaves a lasting impression, a testament to its longevity and sillage. It’s definitely worth your consideration if you’re looking for a perfume that manages to be warm, spicy, and seductive all at once.

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