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No Limit$ by Philipp Plein

No Limit$ by Philipp Plein
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020

What Does No Limit$ Smell Like

No Limit$ by Philipp Plein opens with a crisp, zesty wave of bergamot intertwined with a sharp hit of ginger, both of which lead to an underlying hint of fresh aquatic notes. As this initial wave subsides, a rich and aromatic heart emerges, defined by the heady spiciness of black pepper and the warming comfort of cloves. These are further enriched by the gentle heat of cinnamon, the licorice-like sweetness of star anise, and the slightly citrusy note of cardamom. This spicy heart gradually melts into a base that is resolutely masculine and resonant. The unmistakable smell of leather reigns supreme here, underpinned by the steady, woody notes of cedarwood, the indulgent darkness of chocolate, and the smoky charm of frankincense. Patchouli, with its green earthiness, adds a fascinating depth to the base, complemented by the warm, resinous scent of black amber and the subtly sweet touch of bourbon vanilla. Closing off the composition are the exotic aroma of oud and the familiar comfort of woods. The overall olfactory journey of No Limit$ is a compelling mix of zest, spice, warmth, and depth, a testament to its masculine appeal.

Review of No Limit$

No Limit$ by Philipp Plein is a scent that dares to be different. Released in 2020, this fragrance skews towards a more mature male audience with its distinctive leathery aroma, which is complemented by a spicy kick. The smoky undertone gives it an edge, while woody accents add depth. There's a touch of sweetness, but it's not overwhelming, allowing the resinous and synthetic notes to shine through, adding an interesting complexity to the overall profile.

This scent is ideal for the colder months, particularly for fall and winter, as its richness can truly bloom in the crisp air. It's a perfect companion for casual, leisurely activities or an evening out. Its hint of smokiness makes it a great choice for nighttime activities as well. Despite its casual vibe, this perfume can hold its own in a business setting or daily use. While it may not be the first choice for sporting activities, don't let that stop you from exploring its potential. With its good longevity and decent sillage, No Limit$ is a solid, reliable choice that offers decent value for its price.

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