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Aqaysos by Pierre Guillaume

Aqaysos by Pierre Guillaume
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017

What Does Aqaysos Smell Like

Aqaysos by Pierre Guillaume is a perfume that balances between playful freshness and intriguing depth. The initial scent is crisp and lively, with a bright burst of tangy lime and bergamot that is gently spiced by hints of coriander. This fresh, citrusy opening gradually gives way to the perfume's heart, where the aroma of ripe blackcurrants takes center stage. The sweet, juicy fruitiness of the blackcurrants is tempered by the unique, subtly hot aroma of Sichuan pepper, adding an unexpected yet pleasant twist to the fragrance.

As Aqaysos settles, it reveals its base, a combination of warm, animalic musk and comforting white musk that lend a sensual, soft character to the perfume. These musky notes are subtly backed by the earthiness of woods, which impart a grounding touch to the perfume's base. What makes the dry down truly remarkable, though, is the inclusion of cocoa bean. This adds a hint of indulgent, rich sweetness that rounds out the musky, woody base, making Aqaysos a scent that is both inviting and memorable. It is a perfume that seamlessly combines the freshness of citrus, the sweetness of fruits, the heat of spice, and the depth of woods and musk.

Review of Aqaysos

Aqaysos by Pierre Guillaume, released in 2017, is a unisex scent that leans more towards the masculine side. With a blend of fruit and spice, it brings together a balance that's bold yet not overpowering. The hint of woodiness adds a natural, grounded feel, while the citrus gives just the right amount of zest. Contrary to the common belief, this scent isn't purely synthetic; it's got a touch of sweetness and an aquatic note that makes it feel fresh and elevates the overall aroma.

This perfume fits well in the warmer months, particularly in summer and spring, adding an extra spark to your leisurely afternoons or business meetings. However, it also works for those crisp fall days, adding a touch of warmth. While it's not the most long-lasting of scents, it stays noticeable for a good amount of time, making it an ideal choice for daily wear or for a night out. Its scent offers a good balance of elements without being too hefty on your wallet.

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