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Infusion de Mandarine by Prada

Infusion de Mandarine by Prada
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Daniela Andrier
Brand: Prada

What Does Infusion de Mandarine Smell Like

Infusion de Mandarine by Prada first greets your senses with a vivid and lively scent of mandarin orange leaf. This bold, citrus fragrance is accentuated by a subtle touch of bitter orange, which adds a slightly sharp and tangy twist to the overall profile. As the initial citrus freshness starts to mellow, the heart of the perfume unfolds. This mid-stage carries a floral aroma dominated by the scent of orange blossom absolute. It infuses the perfume with a gentle, sweetish hint that is beautifully contrasted by the clean, green scent of neroli. The perfume then gradually settles into its final, warm layer of opoponax, which provides a mildly balsamic undertone. This hint of resinous sweetness at the perfume's tail end is a perfect counterbalance to its vibrant citrus opening, creating a well-rounded scent journey that oscillates between fresh and warm, fruity and floral, zesty and powdery nuances. Overall, Infusion de Mandarine by Prada presents a skilful marriage of citrus, floral, and slightly sweet notes that make it a vibrant yet comforting scent.

Review of Infusion de Mandarine

Infusion de Mandarine by Prada is a vivid, lively fragrance that breaks away from traditional unisex offerings with a decidedly fresh, fruity pulse. It shines brightest in the warmer seasons, making it an excellent choice for those who prefer a scent that radiates brightness and energy during the sunny days of spring and summer.

Although it's marketed as unisex, it's clear that women gravitate more toward Infusion de Mandarine. Its citrusy tinge, led by the prominent mandarin orange, offers a refreshing, zestful aroma that appeals to a wide variety of perfume aficionados. However, the fruity freshness is not overly sweet, making it accessible for men as well.

The scent is perfect for daytime wear, be it at work or during leisurely outings. It's not too overpowering, but it does have a moderate presence, so it's perfect for those who want a perfume that's noticeable but not overwhelming. It's less suited for evening or night out occasions when a more robust and enduring aroma might be desired.

Where Infusion de Mandarine falls short is in its longevity. As delightful as the scent is, it doesn't last as long as one might hope. This means you might need to reapply it during the day to maintain its vibrant character.

As for the value, it's somewhat middle-of-the-road. It's not a budget-breaking perfume, but the price does feel slightly high compared to its performance.

In summary, Infusion de Mandarine by Prada is an energetic, citrusy perfume that's wonderful for daytime wear in warmer seasons. It's a refreshing choice for women and men alike who aren't enticed by overly sweet or powerful fragrances. However, its longevity leaves something to be desired, and you might find the need for a midday spritz to keep its vibrant aroma alive.

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