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L'Homme Water Splash by Prada

L'Homme Water Splash by Prada
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Prada

Key Notes of L'Homme Water Splash

What Does L'Homme Water Splash Smell Like

L'Homme Water Splash by Prada is a perfume with a refreshing and breezy character. Its opening scent is dominated by the vibrant and zesty aroma of mandarin orange leaf, giving it a fresh citrus edge. The scent of neroli is present but in a more subdued manner, adding a subtle floral tone to the perfume. The heart note ginger, although not as pronounced as the top notes, complements the fragrance with a slightly spicy tinge. This blend of energetic citrus and mild floral notes is soothed by the creamy and powdery main accords. The base notes of sandalwood and cedarwood, although not dominant, can still be detected. The sandalwood offers a rich, creamy woodiness while the cedarwood adds a touch of warm, sharp, and slightly sweet wood scent. These base notes provide an earthy foundation that balances the lively top and middle notes. The overall scent of L'Homme Water Splash is a fresh, citrusy perfume with powdery undertones and a warm, woody finish.

Review of L'Homme Water Splash

L'Homme Water Splash by Prada is a lively yet elegant scent designed primarily for men. Released in 2019, it carries a fresh, powdery aura with a hint of citrus, making it a perfect choice for the warm seasons of spring and summer. The creamy, floral undertones add a layer of complexity to its personality, making it an interesting choice for everyday use as well as for business settings. The heart of this fragrance is subtly sweet and aquatic, with a gentle touch of woodiness and spice adding a hint of mystery. Despite its evocative blend of notes, the perfume maintains its subtlety and doesn't overpower, ensuring a pleasant sillage. Its longevity is decent, while its value proposition makes it a worthwhile addition to your collection. The scent finishes off with a fruity note, leaving a lasting impression. This Prada offering is definitely a fragrance that exudes an air of casual elegance and modernity.

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