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Romance by Ralph Lauren

Romance by Ralph Lauren
Gender: Women
Release date: 1998
Perfumer: Harry Frémont

Key Notes of Romance

What Does Romance Smell Like

Romance by Ralph Lauren opens with a decidedly floral tone, the scent of roses making a bold entrance. It’s quickly met by a calming undertone of chamomile, adding a gentle herbal counterpoint. Ginger lends a bit of zest, an edge of spiciness, and the sweet, floral aromas of freesia and lychee are also apparent. There's a subtle hint of pot marigold, adding depth to the initial bouquet.

As the fragrance continues to evolve, the clean, watery scent of lotus comes through, accompanied by the crisp tone of lily. Violet makes its presence known, its scent unmistakably floral, but softer, somewhat powdery. White violet rounds out the middle notes with an echo of its powdery cousin, offering an almost imperceptible sugary sweetness.

In the dry-down, the perfume reveals a base of complex and subtly exotic woods, warm and lightly earthy. Musk adds richness and warmth, while oakmoss brings in a slight mossy feel, grounding the fragrance without overwhelming. The finish is a touch of patchouli, just enough to add a hint of earthy spice, serving as an excellent complementary note to round out this floral, fresh, and slightly sweet perfume.

Review of Romance

Ralph Lauren's Romance is a perfume that whispers femininity. It's a scent that speaks especially to women who appreciate the beauty of classic floral arrangements. It appeals to a broad audience, but particularly resonates with mature women who can appreciate its subtle complexity.

Romance, true to its name, carries an air of old-world charm mingled with modern freshness. The scent kicks off with a gentle hint of rose, chamomile, and ginger, providing a lively yet sophisticated introduction. Its heart pulses with delicate notes of lotus and white violet, seducing the senses into a tranquil floral haven. The perfume settles into a soft, woody and musky base, giving the scent a touch of earthiness that grounds its floral bloom.

This perfume shines brightest in the spring and summer months. Its fresh, floral tones are a perfect companion to warm, sunny days and balmy, clear nights. It's versatile enough to be worn on a casual day out or to an important business meeting, where its understated elegance can lend an aura of quiet confidence.

However, it's worth noting that Romance's staying power and projection may not be as strong as some might prefer. Its floral whispers can be a little too soft for those who favor a bolder scent profile. It is a scent that prefers intimacy, a personal perfume that leaves a gentle trail rather than a grand announcement. But if you are someone seeking a fragrance that is understated, elegant, and versatile, then Romance by Ralph Lauren could be the perfect perfume for you.

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