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Safari by Ralph Lauren

Safari by Ralph Lauren
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 1989

Key Notes of Safari

What Does Safari Smell Like

A whiff of Safari by Ralph Lauren instantly transports you on a sensory journey. The initial burst is characterized by the sharp, pungent aroma of galbanum, blended perfectly with the crisp, soapy scent of aldehydes. The floral notes of hyacinth delicately intertwine with the zesty, citrusy hints of mandarin orange and orange, which are subtly sweetened by the fruity essence of blackcurrant. This vibrant opening soon gives way to an intense floral heart.

The warm, exotic fragrance of narcissus takes the lead, effortlessly complemented by the sweet, slightly spicy scent of orange blossom. The subtly sweet, intoxicating aroma of jasmine and lily of the valley add depth to the bouquet, while the earthy whiff of orris root and rosemary, along with the classic, romantic scent of rose, create a perfect balance.

As the fragrance settles, you are led into a rich, earthy base. The fresh, green scent of moss forms the foundation, augmented by the resinous, slightly sweet and woody charm of amber and cedar. The darker, musky notes of patchouli and sandalwood add complexity to the blend while a hint of vetiver introduces a refreshing, grassy element. Altogether, Safari by Ralph Lauren is a lush, layered fragrance that captures the essence of a vibrant, floral expedition.

Review of Safari

Safari by Ralph Lauren is a timeless women's fragrance that paints a bold landscape of contrasts. It is a blend that speaks to the adventurous spirit, with notable floral and spicy notes that awaken the senses. There's a grounding woody undertone that gives it a robust, earthy edge, while hints of green and chypre offer a natural freshness. A subtle oriental touch and a hint of animal add to the overall complexity, making it a captivating scent.

This perfume is most at home during the colder months of fall and winter, adding warmth and depth to the crisp air. It's perfect for those late-night outings, lending an air of elegance to your ensemble. However, it's not shy for daily wear or leisure activities, either, making it a versatile addition to your fragrance collection. Despite its robust nature, it's not overly assertive—its sillage is moderate and its longevity is impressive, making it a worthy investment for the discerning perfume enthusiast.

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