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Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1992

Key Notes of Safari for Men

What Does Safari for Men Smell Like

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren embarks on a vivid journey through a myriad of scents. At first encounter, your senses are greeted by the spicy kick of coriander, intertwined with the freshness of green notes and a hint of delicate lavender. Hints of bergamot interplay lightly, adding a citrusy murmur to the mix, while the unmistakable essence of neroli keeps things interesting.

As the fragrance unfolds further, you'll find a heart comprising of robust and spicy carnation, an intriguing whisper of cinnamon coupled with a gentle touch of rose. The natural scent of tarragon lends an earthy accent, while cyclamen and jasmine intertwine to add a slightly floral undertone.

The scent journey culminates in a sturdy base. Sandalwood serves as the principal aroma, its robust woody scent graced with the undertones of cedar subtleties. Leather lends a masculine leathery touch, perfectly balanced with the sweet, earthy scent of patchouli. Flecks of amber and musk blend subtly, adding a warm and sensual charm, while oakmoss brings a mossy, green touch to the mix. Every layer combines to articulate a signature scent that is complex, intriguing, and unforgettably masculine.

Review of Safari for Men

Safari for Men by Ralph Lauren is a masculine scent that captures the adventurous spirit of the outdoors. Released in 1992, this eau de toilette is a blend of spicy and woody notes with a dash of leather, which creates a bold and robust aroma. The scent is underlined by a fresh, floral undertone, making it a versatile choice for different occasions.

Ideal for fall and spring, it subtly captures the essence of changing seasons. While it's not overpowering, it certainly makes a statement. The green and earthy accents also add to the natural, outdoorsy vibe of this fragrance. Interestingly, it has a touch of oriental charm that adds an intriguing twist to its character.

Safari is perfect for daily wear or a leisurely day out, but it's equally suitable for evenings and night-outs. Even in a business context, this fragrance can make its presence felt without stealing the show. Despite being around for decades, Safari remains a classic choice for men who appreciate a reliable, robust scent.

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