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La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers by Rasasi

La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers by Rasasi
Gender: Men
Release date: 2016
Brand: Rasasi

Key Notes of La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers

What Does La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers Smell Like

La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers by Rasasi is a distinctly masculine scent designed for the modern man. The opening is notably green and fresh, with a crisp bite of violet leaf that packs a swift punch. This is swiftly mellowed by the subtler citrus tang of tangerine, adding an intriguing twist to the mix. Galbanum, a resin known for its earthy aroma, keeps the perfume from being overly sweet or fruity.

As this initial wave of freshness subsides, the fragrance takes a spicy, slightly bitter turn with the introduction of maté, a South American plant with a tea-like aroma. This is seamlessly blended with the herbal aroma of clary sage, adding another layer of complexity without overwhelming the nose.

The real highlight of the perfume comes in the base notes where the woody, leathery undertones shine through. The earthy scent of vetiver and styrax, a balsamic resin, meshes seamlessly with the rich, musky aroma of leather, creating a grounded, robust finish. A touch of iris adds a hint of powderiness, offering a perfect counterpoint to the heavier base notes. Overall, La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers by Rasasi is an intriguing fusion of fresh, spicy, and earthy aroma, designed to leave a lasting impression.

Review of La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers

La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers by Rasasi takes you on a sensory journey that, while primarily tailored for men, isn't exclusive to them. It's a fragrance that marries the raw essence of nature with an air of urbanity. Distinguished by its green and fresh overtones, it has an undercurrent of spiciness that injects a playful twist into the mix. This scent is also punctuated by the rustic notes of leather and wood, giving it an appealing, masculine edge.

Its durability is a significant feature, allowing the scent to linger on your skin from dawn till dusk. However, it doesn't overpower the senses, maintaining a respectably moderate presence. This perfume is apt for spring or fall, adding a touch of freshness to those crisp mornings and a warming leathery tone to those chilly evenings.

Whatever the occasion may be, whether it's a day at the office or a casual outing, La Yuqawam Ambergris Showers lends an air of understated elegance to the man wearing it.

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