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Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve by Réminiscence

Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve by Réminiscence
Gender: Women
Release date: 2008
Perfumer: Jacques Flori

Key Notes of Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve

What Does Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve Smell Like

Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve by Réminiscence is a perfume that first greets your senses with the bitter-sweet touch of almond, the calming essence of French lavender, and the freshness of green notes. These initial scents are complemented by the tangy undertones of Italian mandarin orange, orange, and Sicilian bergamot. You can also find a hint of ozone and Tunisian rosemary in the opening bouquet.

As the top notes start to fade, the heart of the fragrance blooms with the floral aroma of Tunisian neroli and delicate jasmine, mixed with the citrusy scent of Paraguayan petigrain. A hint of Madagascan pepper adds a subtle spice to the mixture.

As the experience evolves, the scent deepens with a base of the warm, sweet essence of Brazilian tonka bean and Bourbon vanilla. The sensual notes of musk dance with the richness of amber, completing the sensory journey. The earthy notes of Indonesian patchouli and Virginia cedar ground the scent, bringing a sense of depth and calm. A whisper of sandalwood lingers, creating a memory of the fragrance that remains behind. In summary, the fragrance offers a sweet, floral, and subtly spicy journey for the senses, grounded by deeper, earthy notes.

Review of Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve

Reminiscence's Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve is a perfume that lavishes your senses with a dessert-like sweetness, making it an indulgent treat for lovers of gourmand fragrances. Its dominant gourmand and sweet notes, with a hint of powdery mellow, make it a cozy and comforting scent, ideal for those chilly fall and winter days. Its softer floral, spicy, fruity, and creamy undertones add to its complexity without overwhelming the scent's sweetness.

The perfume radiates a youthful spirit, making it quite appealing to young women. However, with its comforting and relaxing aura, it does not alienate more mature audiences. This blend allows Les Notes Gourmandes - Guimauve to transition effortlessly from casual daytime wear to a relaxed evening out.

Its longevity is impressive, ensuring that you'll leave a lingering, sweet trail all day. As for value, this perfume is a good investment. Its rich, delicious scent profile makes it a genuine pleasure to wear.

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