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Oud by Réminiscence

Oud by Réminiscence
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

What Does Oud Smell Like

Oud by Réminiscence opens with a richly aromatic impression, as the vibrant spice of cardamom and the subtle warmth of pink pepper mingle with the light, citrusy freshness of bergamot. This initial encounter gives way to a more complex heart, where the exotic, slightly bitter zest of saffron, the sweet floral essence of rose, and the delicate, intoxicating aroma of jasmine weave an intricate tapestry of scent.

But it is in the base where Oud truly reveals its character. Here, the deep, leathery scent of oud takes center stage, underpinned by the soft, creamy notes of cashmere and sandalwood. The slightly smoky, resinous qualities of cedarwood and gaiac wood add depth and intensity, while the sweet, vanilla-like aroma of tonka bean and the warm, balsamic scent of balsam fir and labdanum provide a comforting, soothing finish.

Overall, Oud by Réminiscence is a fragrance that paints a picture of a journey through a fragrant forest, with its contrasting elements of spicy, floral, and woody scents creating an olfactory experience that is both stimulating and calming. It is a perfume that, like a well-composed symphony, delivers a wide range of notes that come together to form a harmonious whole.

Review of Oud

Oud by Réminiscence is a scent that demands attention, perfect for those who prefer a bold, yet unimposing fragrance. It is a unisex perfume, leaning slightly more towards a masculine profile, and is appreciated by a mature audience.

It's a woody and spicy creation, with a notable oriental charm that might transport you to a bustling spice market. The resinous notes lend a certain depth, which is beautifully contrasted by the occasional sweet whiff. While the earthy, floral, and smoky elements are present, they remain subtle, delicately intertwining with the dominant woody and spicy notes.

Oud by Réminiscence is a great choice for the colder months, providing a warm, comforting aroma. It's a fantastic companion for evening events or adventurous nights out, though it doesn't shy away from more casual or professional scenarios.

This perfume offers good performance and value, which, combined with its versatile appeal and the underlying character, makes it a worthy addition to any scent wardrobe.

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