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Patchouli by Réminiscence

Patchouli by Réminiscence
Gender: Women
Release date: 1970

What Does Patchouli Smell Like

Patchouli by Réminiscence is a women's perfume that leads with a distinct earthy aroma, primarily characterized by the powerful presence of patchouli. The initial scent is complemented by the subtly sharp hints of Virginia cedar and the faint, smoky undertone of vetiver, embellishing the earthy profile with a woody resonance.

As the perfume settles, it transitions into its middle notes, exuding a rich, resinous fragrance from the labdanum. This is softened by the creamy, slightly sweet addition of sandalwood, which adds a harmonious balance to the composition.

Finally, the perfume draws you into its base notes, which leave you with a warm, soothing finish. The tolu balm and tonka bean merge to create a resinous and slightly sweet scent, which is further sweetened by the creamy, comforting notes of bourbon vanilla. A touch of white musk plays in the background, adding a clean, lightly powdery hint that gently tempers the sweetness, rounding off the perfume with a subtle, airy lightness.

In essence, Patchouli by Réminiscence is a perfume that effortlessly navigates from the earthy and woody to the resinous and sweet, delivering a complex yet coherent olfactory journey that is both oriental and spicy.

Review of Patchouli

Patchouli by Réminiscence is a perfume that resonates with nostalgia and allure, dating back to 1970. It's a perfume that's primarily designed for women who enjoy the earthy, woody, and spicy notes that carry a resinous, oriental character with a hint of sweetness. The smoky undertones add a certain mystique to the scent, making it a tantalizing choice for those who appreciate the rustic charm of patchouli.

This perfume shines the best during colder seasons, making it an ideal choice for winter and fall. It also has an evening appeal, with its deep and intense aroma that fits perfectly for a night out or a leisure walk under the moonlight.

While it's not a perfume for everyone, it will surely catch the attention of those who have a penchant for bold, spicy and earthy notes. Patchouli by Réminiscence is a solid perfume that holds its own in terms of longevity and sillage, and offers good value for its price. It might just be the missing piece in your fragrance collection.

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