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Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya by Rituals

Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya by Rituals
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Elise Bénat
Brand: Rituals

Key Notes of Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya

What Does Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya Smell Like

Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya by Rituals opens with a crisp, invigorating blend of calone, peach, tea, and lemon. The scent is inherently floral yet is punctuated by a certain freshness that uplifts the senses, seamlessly moving from a fruity sweetness to a distinct zesty tang. The tea note adds a subtle earthiness at the start, perfectly dovetailing with the vibrant peach and citrusy lemon, creating an effect that is lively and refreshing.

As the initial notes fade, a rich floral bouquet at the heart begins to bloom. The traditionally feminine notes of peony and jasmine add depth and romance to the scent, intertwined with the more exotic essence of orchid. This amalgamation results in a fragrance that is as delicate as it is deeply resonant, offering an intriguing contrast to the initial friskiness of the perfume.

The scent ultimately settles into a warm, sensual base of musk and patchouli. The musk note radiates a gentle, intimate aroma, while the patchouli adds an earthy undertone, effectively grounding the fragrance. This perfume distinctly captures a wonderful journey from energizing citrus and fruity notes through a lush garden of flowers to a calm, cozy base. Despite its complexity, the scent remains unpretentious and genuinely pleasing to the senses.

Review of Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya

Oriental Essence - Fleurs de L'Himalaya by Rituals is, in essence, a floral perfume with a fresh appeal perfect for the modern woman. Released in 2015, the scent is influenced by the aromatic blooms of the Himalayas, giving it an exotic edge. This perfume has a natural inclination towards spring and summer seasons, making it an ideal choice for those sunny days when you want to feel bright and invigorated.

Despite its floral dominance, the fragrance is also imbued with a notable freshness, underscored by a moderate fruity and sweet undertone. A hint of citrus adds a spark of energy, making it quite dynamic. The perfume is versatile, fitting seamlessly into a daily routine, a leisurely outing, or a business setting. However, due to its freshness and vivacity, it may not be the best fit for evening occasions or winter months.

Its longevity could be better, making it a perfume that you might need to reapply throughout the day. But considering its affordability, it still offers decent value for money. This perfume is a blend of exotic and familiar, perfect for those who appreciate a fragrance that is both floral and fresh.

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