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Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech by Rituals

Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech by Rituals
Gender: Women
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Catherine Selig
Brand: Rituals

Key Notes of Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech

What Does Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech Smell Like

The first impression of Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech by Rituals is a lively citrusy scent, presenting you with a fresh and invigorating bouquet. The citrus notes are easily identifiable and form a bright and vivacious foundation. This initial wave of freshness is subtly complemented by a hint of warm amber and the faintly grassy undertones of green tea.

As the perfume unfolds, the heart reveals a subtle layer of exotic saffron that lends a rich, warm and slightly spicy undertone. This is juxtaposed with the resinous, slightly sweet aroma of cashmere wood. The presence of frangipani lends a creamy, floral fragrance while mimosa adds a sweet, powdery touch to the overall composition.

Completing the scent journey, the base of the perfume reveals a strong and earthy cedarwood note, paired harmoniously with musk, adding a sensual and warm depth to the fragrance. The scent of sandalwood further enhances the woody character while a faint whiff of patchouli adds a touch of sweet earthiness to the final trail.

Overall, Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech by Rituals unfolds as a vivid, citrusy perfume with an intriguing spicy and woody depth, culminating in a warm and earthy finish.

Review of Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech

Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech by Rituals is a fragrance that distinctly embodies the soul of an exotic Moroccan night. Its allure lies predominantly in its woody and spicy profile, evoking images of Marrakesh's bustling medinas filled with aromatic spices and richly grained woods. Though intended for women, it carries a unisex appeal due to its earthy, robust undertones.

The fragrance's allure begins with a bright burst of citrus, introducing a fresh, lively kick. However, the spotlight ultimately belongs to the saffron and cashmere wood middle notes, imparting a warm, exotic richness to the scent. The base is a cozy blend of cedarwood and musk, which adds a layer of depth and sophistication without overwhelming the senses.

As the scent settles, it transitions from a fresh and vibrant daytime aroma to a more intimate and mysterious evening scent, ideal for both leisure and business-oriented occasions. It's a fragrance perfectly suited for the cooler seasons of fall and spring, and it can effortlessly accompany you from a casual day out to a formal evening event.

However, Nuit à Marrakech does fall a bit short on the longevity and sillage front, which means you might need to reapply throughout the day to maintain its presence. Also, the perfume's oriental and spicy profile might not resonate with those who prefer light, fruity, or floral scents.

In conclusion, Oriental Essence - Nuit à Marrakech is a journey in a bottle, transporting you to the heart of Morocco with its rich, exotic, and captivating scent profile. It's an intriguing option for women who are not afraid to explore unconventional, daring fragrances.

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