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Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat by Rituals

Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat by Rituals
Gender: Men
Release date: 2015
Brand: Rituals

Key Notes of Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat

What Does Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat Smell Like

Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat by Rituals unboxes with a vivid thrust of spicy nutmeg and a subtle hint of crisp juniper. The initial profile is warm and inviting, laying a strong yet approachable foundation. As this scent breathes, the heart notes of cedarwood and thyme reveal themselves. The cedarwood is rich and grounding, reminiscent of an age-old tree in an untouched forest, while the thyme introduces a whisper of Mediterranean countryside, mingling with a faint trace of soothing lavender.

The fragrance then descends into the base notes, where the deep, earthy patchouli creates a smooth, grounded aroma. This pairs beautifully with the distinctive but not overpowering scent of leather. A hint of musk adds a sensual touch, wrapping the fragrance in an intimate, understated masculinity.

In conclusion, Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat is a meticulously crafted fragrance, taking the wearer on a journey from the busy spice markets of the East to the rugged terrain of the Mediterranean, and finally into the intimate corners of an old-world study. It's a concoction that is spicy, woody, oriental, leathery, and earthy all at once, offering a distinct, bold aroma that's both intriguing and comforting.

Review of Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat

Oriental Essence - Sultan de Muscat by Rituals is a richly spiced fragrance that masterfully caters to a man's desire for a scent that is both powerful and refined. The fragrance is strongly masculine, with a predominant spicy and woody profile that speaks volumes about its robust character. It's an aroma that is at once familiar and yet distinct, with the spicy nutmeg and earthy cedarwood notes creating a sense of depth and complexity.

Although it's a scent that leans more towards the mature side, younger individuals who appreciate a bit of olfactory sophistication might still find it appealing. The smoky and leathery undertones add a hint of mystery and allure, making it a perfect choice for evening wear or a night out.

Sultan de Muscat does seem to struggle a bit when it comes to its longevity, with its scent fading a bit quicker than one might prefer. This means you might need to reapply it if you're planning a long night out. Its sillage is also somewhat moderate, so it won't overpower those around you, which might be a good thing for those who prefer a more discreet presence.

The perfume offers a good value for its price. Its distinct aroma and versatile usage across multiple seasons make it a worthy addition to any fragrance wardrobe. If you're looking for a scent that's masculine and mysterious, with an oriental twist, Sultan de Muscat might be the one for you. However, its performance makes it less suitable for those who prefer a scent that lasts all day.

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