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Bois Noir by Robert Piguet

Bois Noir by Robert Piguet
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

What Does Bois Noir Smell Like

Bois Noir by Robert Piguet opens with a husky, potent aroma. Gaiac wood and cedarwood mix together creating a robust woody scent that is both natural and rustic. The cedarwood adds a dry, almost piquant edge to the perfume, a scent akin to freshly chopped wood. The Gaiac wood, on the other hand, imparts a slightly smoky feel, like a burning log in a cozy fireplace.

As the initial intensity subsides, the perfume transitions into its heart notes. The earthy patchouli and warm sandalwood layer over the woody top notes, bringing a velvety richness to the fragrance. The patchouli adds a touch of the exotic, while the sandalwood lends a creamy, almost milky tone, softening the perfume's overall profile.

Finally, the base notes of balsam and labdanum absolute emerge. The balsam imparts a sweet, resinous scent, adding depth and a touch of the orient to the mix. The labdanum absolute, meanwhile, is reminiscent of warm amber, adding a hint of sensuality to the perfume. This combination creates a rich, slightly spicy finish, rounding out the woody and earthy tones that characterize Bois Noir by Robert Piguet. Overall, it's a bold, commanding fragrance that's as complex as it is inviting.

Review of Bois Noir

Bois Noir by Robert Piguet is a distinguished scent that leans towards the masculine side. Launched in 2012, this perfume exudes an aura of maturity, making it a fitting choice for individuals who desire a scent that resonates with wisdom and experience. The scent profile offers a robust woody base, enriched with resinous undertones. It is invigorated with spicy notes, accompanied by an earthy depth and a touch of sweetness.

This perfume shines particularly in the cooler months of fall and winter, imbuing a warmth and comfort that's truly appealing. It's an ideal companion for evening escapades, leisure hangouts, and night outs. Even for daily use, it never seems out of place. It casts a moderate aura around the wearer, ensuring your presence is noticed while maintaining a certain subtlety. A good pick for those who appreciate a long-lasting, bold yet unassuming perfume that embodies a sense of mysterious allure. It offers fair value for its price.

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