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51 by Roja Parfums

51 by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Roja Dove

What Does 51 Smell Like

Roja Parfums' 51 opens with a refreshing splash of zesty bergamot that instantly brightens the senses. Soon, a juicy raspberry note emerges, coloring the scent profile with a playful, sweet edge. The heart blossoms with a floral bouquet where Grasse jasmine, lily, and lily of the valley are distinct, each adding a delicate, white floral touch. Ylang-ylang, gardenia, may rose, orange blossom, and tuberose interweave, creating an opulent garden aroma, rich and intensely romantic. As the perfume settles, a creamier side surfaces. A distinct vanilla note takes center stage, adding an indulgent, sweet creaminess to the mix. Earthy iris contributes a powdery softness, and aniseed brings a playful hint of spice. Benzoin and cashmere wood introduce a gentle woody, resinous warmth, while the cinnamon and clove infuse a spiced undercurrent that peaks through the sweetness. Sandalwood lends a smooth, milky quality that enriches the base, while violet leaf’s fresh, leafy nuances add depth. The patchouli remains subtle, just a whisper in the background, grounding the scent with its earthy, slightly sweet tone. Overall, 51 by Roja Parfums is an enchanting blend of fruit, florals, and spices, with a sweet, creamy drydown.

Review of 51

Roja Parfums' 51 is a love letter to those who appreciate a well-rounded floral fragrance with a hint of creaminess, sweetness, and subtle woodiness. Released in 2016, this perfume is a harmonious blend of multiple components, making it a standout piece within the brand's repertoire.

The initial note of bergamot gives 51 a zesty introduction that seamlessly transitions into the heart of the perfume, where notes of raspberry, Grasse jasmine, lily, and other blossoms make their presence known. These middle notes lend a floral richness to the fragrance, giving it a sense of timeless elegance. As the perfume settles, the base notes of vanilla, sandalwood, and iris reveal themselves, lending the fragrance a slightly powdery, subtly spicy, and creamy finish.

While 51 is versatile enough for any season, it particularly shines during the transitional months of Spring and Fall when the mixed floral notes can truly bloom. It's an equally good fit for a night out, an elegant evening event, or even a regular workday, thanks to its moderate sillage that won't overwhelm but will leave a memorable impression.

However, longevity could be a concern for some users as 51 doesn't hold for an extended period, necessitating a top-up now and then. Moreover, even though it has a well-blended composition, the price point might deter some potential buyers, given the plethora of other options in the market.

In summary, Roja Parfums' 51 is a charming floral fragrance that boasts of a classic elegance yet stands out for its creamy and slightly woody undertones. It's a well-crafted perfume that speaks to the mature and discerning women who appreciate subtlety and sophistication in their scents.

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