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Amore Mio by Roja Parfums

Amore Mio by Roja Parfums
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Amore Mio

What Does Amore Mio Smell Like

Amore Mio by Roja Parfums is a remarkably feminine fragrance with a vibrant opening of bright mandarin orange and a gentle touch of bergamot. It swiftly cascades into a lush floral heart, with an unmistakable layer of heliotrope and neroli, their scent reminiscent of a freshly picked bouquet. This is beautifully intertwined with the aromatic whispers of orange blossom and subtle violet. The fragrance hints at other floral elements, such as gardenia, Grasse jasmine, and May rose, with the faintest trace of ylang-ylang.

The fragrance then slowly matures into a sumptuous base that is heavily imbued with cocoa, creating a creamy, sweet backdrop. This is harmonized by the soft and powdery notes of iris, a dash of spicy saffron, and the earthy warmth of tonka bean and vanilla. Ambergris and carrot seed add a slight hint of complexity to the mix, while cedar and a variety of balsam notes round out the sweet, rich undertone. A light sprinkling of cumin, ginger, gaiac wood, and musk lends a faint but compelling spiciness. The scent is topped off with a hint of boozy rum, soothing sandalwood, a touch of cinnamon, and a pinch of pink pepper – creating a truly mature and womanly aroma.

Review of Amore Mio

Roja Parfums' Amore Mio, released in 2016, is indeed a love letter to the senses. This scent is a captivating blend that primarily appeals to women, with its heart firmly rooted in floral and creamy notes. Its essence evokes a visual of walking through a lush garden in full bloom, laced with a hint of spice and oriental undertones that add an unexpected twist to it.

Amore Mio is best experienced during the cool embrace of fall or the fresh bloom of spring. Its alluring scent makes it perfect for evening outings or casual nights out, offering a sense of warm, comforting closeness. Though less suited for the hot summer months or formal business settings, it can still offer a pleasant surprise for daily wear.

One of the characteristics of this perfume that stands out is its enduring longevity, allowing the fragrance to linger from dusk till dawn. The sillage, however, is less pronounced, creating a more intimate atmosphere rather than a room-filling presence. This could be a plus or minus, depending on your preference for a personal scent versus making a statement.

The perfume's value might be questionable for some, given its hefty price tag. But for those who appreciate complex and well-constructed scents, the investment may be justified.

In conclusion, Amore Mio is a beautiful blend of floral, oriental, and spicy notes with a lasting impression. However, its subdued sillage and high cost may give some potential buyers pause. Despite these drawbacks, for the right person, it's an intimate, comforting perfume that can become a signature scent.

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