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Britannia by Roja Parfums

Britannia by Roja Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Britannia

What Does Britannia Smell Like

Britannia by Roja Parfums opens with a citrusy kick, a zesty blend of citron, mandarin orange, tangerine, and bergamot that immediately catches the nose. Yet, this initial citrusy freshness is gradually intertwined with a floral, creamy middle note. The scent of heliotrope is quite prominent, creating a intense, powdery bouquet alongside the charming fragrance of May rose, sweet acacia, and champaca flower. A noticeable hint of juicy peach, Grasse jasmine, and delicate violet adds depth and subtly sweet nuances to the floral heart.

As the fragrance evolves, the base notes come into play, creating a robust and intriguing dry down. The strong cocoa scent is distinctive, contributing a warm, sweet and slightly spicy touch. A palpable hint of musk brings a sensual feel to the mix, harmoniously blended with the slightly woody warmth of sandalwood and the velvety, powdery touch of iris. Subtle traces of ambergris, clove, and vanilla infuse an additional spicy-sweet aroma that is rich yet not overpowering. Finishing off the scent is a light whisper of earthy patchouli, vetiver and a gentle hint of cinnamon that gives a final touch of mild spice to this elaborate olfactory symphony.

Review of Britannia

Roja Parfums' Britannia is a mesmerizing blend that exudes an air of femininity, thanks to its dominant floral and powdery notes. This scent is like a breath of spring, but don't be fooled. It transitions gracefully into the cooler months of fall and winter with its subtly spicy undertones. The fragrance hits the sweet spot between being pleasantly soft yet noticable, making it a solid choice for both night outings and relaxed evenings. The scent has a lingering presence that sets it apart; it stays with you, telling a story as the day unfolds. There's a hint of creaminess that bonds the floral and spicy notes, while a surprise fruity twist adds a little sparkle. A warm woody base grounds the fragrance, giving it a depth that's appealing to both men and women. However, the steep price tag may raise a few eyebrows, so it's worth considering this factor before splurging on it.

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