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Danger by Roja Parfums

Danger by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2012
Perfumer: Roja Dove

What Does Danger Smell Like

Danger by Roja Parfums opens with a refreshing and zesty citrus profile, thanks to the dominance of bergamot, paired with subtle hints of lemon, mandarin orange, and a mere whisper of grapefruit. This initial burst of freshness seamlessly gives way to a heart of lush, fragrant flowers. With prominent may rose and ylang-ylang, the perfume exudes an intense floral aroma, further enhanced by the soft, creamy essence of gardenia and the juicy sweetness of peach. A lesser presence of Grasse jasmine adds depth, while a touch of violet brings a powdery quality to the bouquet.

The base notes of Danger bring the fragrance full circle, grounding the fruity, floral heart with a more robust, earthy profile. The musk provides a warm animalic undertone, which perfectly intermingles with the rich, sweet scent of tonka bean. Sandalwood contributes a smooth woody aroma, and vanilla adds a layer of sweetness without being cloying. The piquant note of clove provides an interesting twist, while the iris adds a powdery freshness. A hint of patchouli imparts an earthy, slightly green aroma, wrapping up the scent in a sensual, intriguing way.

Review of Danger

As soon as you dip into the world of Danger by Roja Parfums, you are greeted by a lively dance of citrusy top notes, with bergamot taking center stage. This effervescent opening is perfect for those spring mornings when you're looking to inject some zest into your day.

Moving onwards, the heart of this fragrance reveals itself to be a lush garden of floral notes. The standout here is the May rose, an elegant and timeless scent that is as delightful as it is comforting. This floral array is accompanied by a hint of creamy sweetness, which adds a dash of intrigue and prevents the fragrance from becoming overwhelmingly floral.

As it settles on the skin, Danger becomes warmer and more intimate. The base notes of musk and tonka bean provide a rich depth, with a touch of sandalwood and vanilla lending a smooth, creamy finish that lingers delightfully.

This perfume is definitely a crowd-pleaser for women, especially those with a preference for floral fragrances. However, it might seem too potent for some men, as it leans heavily into its floral and creamy elements.

For occasions, Danger really shines during evenings out or leisurely night gatherings, thanks to its enticing blend of notes. It also fits quite well into daily use, bringing a touch of elegance and warmth to the humdrum of routine life.

The downside, however, might be its sillage - it's not the most commanding in terms of projection. This could be a point of consideration for those who like their fragrances to make a notable statement.

In conclusion, Danger by Roja Parfums is a charming fragrance that offers a vibrant blend of notes. It's perfect for the woman who appreciates a scent that's both comforting and exciting, familiar yet surprising.

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