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Diaghilev by Roja Parfums

Diaghilev by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2010
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Diaghilev

What Does Diaghilev Smell Like

Diaghilev by Roja Parfums is a unisex fragrance that brings together a rich tapestry of chypre, spicy, woody, floral, and resinous accords. The perfume opens with a bright and zesty blend of bergamot, lemon, and orange, further accentuated by the herbal and slightly citrusy notes of tarragon and lime. These top notes provide an invigorating introduction to the fragrance and create a lively atmosphere.

As the scent evolves, a beautiful bouquet of Grasse jasmine, peach, blackcurrant bud, heliotrope, May rose, tuberose, ylang-ylang, and violet emerges. These middle notes offer a delicate balance of sweet, fruity, and floral aromas that add depth and complexity to the overall scent.

The base of Diaghilev is comprised of a rich and earthy combination of oakmoss, civet, cumin, labdanum, leather, ambergris, ambrette, benzoin, clove, musk, patchouli, Peru balsam, sandalwood, styrax, vanilla, vetiver, cedarwood, gaiac wood, iris, and nutmeg. These grounding elements bring warmth and a resinous quality to the fragrance, providing a perfect foundation for the lively top and lush middle notes. The combination of these elements results in a bold and memorable scent that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Review of Diaghilev

Diaghilev by Roja Parfums, released in 2010, is a parfum formulation that caters to a unisex audience. With a stronger leaning towards men and a mature demographic, this scent displays a complexity that is sure to attract those who appreciate a refined fragrance.

The dominant scent type for Diaghilev is chypre, which provides a warm and mossy base that is further enhanced by a spicy note. This sensual combination is complemented by woody and floral undertones, creating a truly multi-layered fragrance. The inclusion of resinous, leathery, and animal notes adds depth to the composition, with powdery, oriental, and citrus elements bringing a touch of brightness to the blend.

Diaghilev is best suited for the cooler months of fall and winter, as its warm and inviting nature can be overwhelming in the heat of summer. The fragrance is ideal for evening and night-out occasions, making it a perfect choice for those looking to make a statement. While it can be worn in leisurely and business settings, it shines when allowed to take center stage.

In conclusion, Diaghilev by Roja Parfums is a bold and multifaceted fragrance that will appeal to those who enjoy chypre and spicy scents. Its complexity and depth make it a great option for mature and discerning wearers who want to make an impact during evening or night-out events.

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