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Elysium pour Homme by Roja Parfums

Elysium pour Homme by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Elysium pour Homme

What Does Elysium pour Homme Smell Like

Elysium pour Homme by Roja Parfums is a men's fragrance that opens with a fresh and zesty citrus aroma, combining the scents of grapefruit, lemon, lime, and bergamot. The citrus notes are accompanied by a subtle hint of lavender, musk, and thyme, creating a slightly herbal undertone. Artemisia adds a touch of bitterness to the blend.

As the perfume develops, the middle notes emerge with fruity blackcurrant and crisp apple, adding a delicate sweetness to the mix. Floral elements, such as Grasse jasmine, May rose, and lily of the valley, bring a light and airy quality to the fragrance.

In the base, the woody scents of cedarwood, juniper berry, and vetiver provide a stable and grounding foundation. The comforting warmth of ambergris, benzoin, and vanilla balance the fragrance, while musk adds a soft and sensual touch. Pink pepper, galbanum, and cypriol introduce a hint of spiciness to the composition, and the final touch of leather and labdanum create a sophisticated, masculine finish.

Overall, Elysium pour Homme boasts a fresh, citrusy opening with well-rounded fruity and floral notes, grounded by a rich, woody base. The hint of spice and leather adds complexity to this invigorating men's fragrance.

Review of Elysium pour Homme

Elysium pour Homme by Roja Parfums, released in 2017, is a skillfully crafted parfum for men that offers a delightful fusion of fresh, citrus, woody, and fruity notes. Created with the modern man in mind, this scent particularly appeals to those seeking a fragrance that transitions well from day to night and across various occasions.

The perfume opens with a refreshing citrus burst, complimented by green and floral undertones, making it a perfect choice for spring and summer. As the scent develops, you'll notice the addition of spicy and woody elements, which add depth and make it suitable for the cooler months of fall. However, its lightness might not provide the warmth desired during the winter season.

Elysium pour Homme is ideal for daily wear, whether you're headed to the office, attending a business meeting, or simply enjoying a leisurely day. Its moderate sillage and longevity ensure that the fragrance won't be overpowering but will still linger throughout the day, making it a solid choice for those seeking a subtle yet impactful scent.

While the value rating isn't the highest, the quality and versatility of Elysium pour Homme make it a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate a well-rounded and adaptable fragrance. If you're looking to elevate your scent collection with a fresh, citrusy, and woody perfume, Elysium pour Homme by Roja Parfums could be the ideal choice for you.

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