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Gardenia by Roja Parfums

Gardenia by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Women
Perfumer: Roja Dove

What Does Gardenia Smell Like

Gardenia by Roja Parfums opens with a crisp and citrusy scent thanks to the dominant bergamot. This immediately gives way to a bouquet of floral notes, with the prominent orange blossom and Grasse jasmine taking the lead. Mimosa adds a subtle sweetness, while the heliotrope lends a hint of vanilla-like scent. May rose and violet add to the floral complexity, providing a soft, powdery touch.

As the perfume settles, the spicy and warm scent of clove and the woody, resinous aroma of elemi resin become noticeable. These base notes are joined by the animalic fragrance of musk, adding an element of natural earthiness. Sandalwood and cedarwood contribute a dry, woody undercurrent, while peach leaf imparts a slightly fruity whisper. Lastly, styrax brings a smoky, leathery nuance to the table.

Throughout the stages, the perfume maintains a strong floral identity, with the freshness from the top notes and the creamy, woody, and fruity undertones from the base. The scent profile of Gardenia by Roja Parfums is predominantly floral and fresh with powdery, creamy, and fruity accents.

Review of Gardenia

Roja Parfums' Gardenia is a masterful blend that stands as a testament to the allure of floral scents. The fragrance primarily targets women, particularly those who appreciate the delicate allure of gardenia in bloom. With a scent profile that leans heavily towards floral accords, this perfume is like stepping into a spring garden, drenched in morning dew.

The delightful freshness of bergamot serves as the perfume's opening act, setting the stage for the heart, where the dance of orange blossom, Grasse jasmine, and mimosa takes place. Gardenia hints at the sweetness of youth, yet it's imbued with a certain kind of maturity, making it a fitting choice for women across different age groups.

Ideal for spring and summer, Gardenia also makes a pleasing companion for the cooler autumn days. Its versatility makes it suitable for a variety of occasions, from business meetings to leisurely outings. However, its sillage is somewhat moderate, which means it won't dominate a room, but rather leave a subtle trail of your presence.

Unfortunately, the longevity of Gardenia could use some improvement, as it tends to fade faster than one might hope. This necessitates reapplication, particularly for those planning to wear it for the whole day or a long night out.

Price-wise, Gardenia by Roja Parfums leans towards the higher end of the spectrum. While this might be a stumbling block for some, those who recognize the quality and craftsmanship that goes into this perfume may find the investment worth every penny.

In conclusion, Gardenia offers a fresh, floral experience that brings the beauty of a spring garden to the wearer, despite its lack of staying power. It's an elegant choice for the modern woman who appreciates the timeless grace of florals.

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