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Great Britain by Roja Parfums

Great Britain by Roja Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Great Britain

What Does Great Britain Smell Like

Great Britain by Roja Parfums greets you with a vibrant citrusy wave of bergamot and lemon, softened by a hint of sage, giving it a slightly herbal twist. As the initial zest recedes, a bouquet of florals unfolds in the heart of the perfume, composed of may rose's subtle sweetness, violet's powdery feel, and Grasse jasmine's exotic aroma. The overall smell is predominantly floral, yet the balance of the notes prevents it from becoming overpoweringly sweet.

Gradually, a warm and woody base emerges, characterized by the robust profile of gaiac wood, the grounding scent of cedarwood, and the earthy tones of patchouli. The dominant note of leather adds an element of rawness and depth to the fragrance, making it more complex. Accents of ambrette, iris, and carrot seed add an unconventional, intriguing twist. The finishing touch comes from the balsamic undertones of tolu balm, resinous labdanum, mossy oakmoss, and styrax, enhanced by the rare scent of ambergris. Subtle nuances of spicy clove and fresh juniper are woven throughout, adding a final layer of complexity.

In essence, Great Britain brings together a symphony of contrasting notes, resulting in a rich, deep fragrance that feels both classic and unexpected.

Review of Great Britain

Roja Parfums' Great Britain is an intriguing fragrance that defies easy classification. It's a unisex scent, but the numbers show a slight predilection towards the male demographic, perhaps due to its subtly robust character. This is not a scent for the faint-hearted. It's bold, making a statement with its leathery undertones, woody accents, and a hint of spiciness that adds depth and intrigue.

Despite its boldness, Great Britain is not overbearing. Its sillage is moderate, meaning it leaves a soft trail of scent in your wake but won't overwhelm those around you. It's a fragrance that whispers rather than shouts. In terms of longevity, it has a pleasing endurance without becoming cloying, staying with you throughout an evening out or a leisurely day.

One of the beautiful aspects of Great Britain is its seasonality. The scent profile leans towards the colder months of fall and winter, where its warm, spicy, and slightly smoky character can truly shine. But it's versatile enough to work in the spring too, its floral notes peeking through in warmer temperatures.

However, this perfume does have a couple of shortcomings. The first is its value. Given its high price point, it's not a perfume for everyone's budget. The second is its lack of versatility when it comes to occasions. It's a fantastic scent for a night out or a special evening event but may feel a bit too much for daily wear or a business environment.

In conclusion, Roja Parfums' Great Britain is a bold, intriguing scent for those who are not afraid to make a statement. It's a fragrance that demands a bit of daring from its wearer, but for those who can pull it off, it's a rewardingly unique scent.

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