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Kuwait by Roja Parfums

Kuwait by Roja Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Kuwait

What Does Kuwait Smell Like

Kuwait by Roja Parfums greets the senses with a sprightly blend of citrusy citron and herbal rosemary at the onset. The initial sharpness gradually submits to a bouquet of diverse floral notes. Heliotrope, May rose, and Grasse jasmine form a heady floral trio that is subtly punctuated by the freshness of geranium and the sweet innocence of orange blossom. A hint of violet adds a touch of mystery, while the tangy blackcurrant bud remains elusive.

The perfume's heart then gives way to a powerfully exotic base dominated by the smoky richness of oud. This is perfectly complemented by the salty-sweet tones of ambergris and the primal essence of musk. The smoky birch, supple cashmere wood, and the animalic civet add a robust depth to the perfume, while the labdanum, saffron, and sandalwood lend a warm, spicy undercurrent. The addition of creamy tonka bean, sensual vanilla, and the balsamic benzoin further intensify the oriental allure. The leathery touch and tart rhubarb play in the background to break the sweetness, as the earthy oakmoss and rich patchouli round out the composition. Overall, Kuwait is a complex, deep scent woven with spicy, fruity, oriental and woody notes, making it a true olfactory journey.

Review of Kuwait

In the world of unisex perfumes, Kuwait by Roja Parfums proves to be a distinctive choice. With a concoction that encapsulates fruity, animalic, spicy, oriental, woody, floral, sweet, resinous, and smoky elements, it's a blend that predominantly appeals to a more mature audience. Men, in particular, seem to gravitate towards this scent.

Although it's classified as a unisex fragrance, the blend resonates more with men, with its subtle yet decisive animalic and woody undertones. There is a certain prominence of oud and musk, granting it an intense and long-lasting character, making it ideal for fall and winter months.

Kuwait is not your average daytime perfume. It holds a certain intensity that makes it a perfect companion for evenings and nights out. There's a rich complexity that emerges in the backdrop of leisure moments, giving you a sense of luxury without being flashy.

However, when it comes to value, it's not an affordable pick for everyone. The price tag is on the higher end, which may limit its accessibility. Also, those with a preference for lighter, more floral or sweet scents might find Kuwait a bit too heavy and intense.

In summation, Kuwait by Roja Parfums is a bold and robust choice for those seeking a unique scent that leans towards the masculine side. Its longevity and intensity are standout features, but it might not be an ideal choice for those seeking something light and breezy, or anyone on a tight budget.

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