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Musk Aoud by Roja Parfums

roja parfums musk aoud
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Musk Aoud

What Does Musk Aoud Smell Like

Musk Aoud by Roja Parfums is a unisex fragrance featuring woody, oriental, spicy, animal, and sweet accords. The opening of this perfume presents a subtle freshness with hints of bergamot and lemon. As the scent develops, the floral heart reveals a dominant may rose note accompanied by Grasse jasmine and a touch of ylang-ylang.

The true character of Musk Aoud emerges in the base, where a rich and powerful oud note takes center stage, harmoniously blending with labdanum and musk to create a warm, sensual undertone. Complementing the central components are leather, tonka bean, and vanilla, contributing to the fragrance's overall depth and sweetness. Ambrette, birch, nutmeg, oakmoss, patchouli, precious woods, and sandalwood round out the composition, providing a complexity to the scent.

In summary, Musk Aoud by Roja Parfums is a well-crafted fragrance with a warm, sensual, and woody core, enhanced by oriental and spicy nuances. The perfume starts with a delicate freshness that transitions into a rich, opulent base, making it an intriguing and pleasant olfactory experience.

Review of Musk Aoud

Musk Aoud by Roja Parfums, released in 2013, is a unisex fragrance with a unique blend of various scent types, making it a versatile choice for perfume enthusiasts. The dominant scent notes in this perfume are woody and oriental, with subtle hints of spice, animal tones, and sweetness. The resinous, smoky, and leathery aspects add depth to the fragrance, while the floral notes provide a gentle touch to the overall scent profile.

With its balanced composition, Musk Aoud is particularly well-suited for men, though also enjoyed by women. The fragrance is more favored by mature individuals, as they tend to appreciate its complexity, while younger audiences may find it less appealing. Musk Aoud is most fitting for fall and winter seasons, adding warmth and richness to the cooler months.

The longevity and sillage of this perfume are commendable, ensuring it lasts throughout the day. However, its value rating is slightly lower, indicating that it may not be the most budget-friendly option on the market.

Considering its scent profile, Musk Aoud is an excellent choice for evening events and nights out, bringing a sense of elegance and allure to any occasion. It is also suitable for leisure activities and business settings, though it may not be the ideal choice for daily use.

In conclusion, Musk Aoud by Roja Parfums is a versatile, unisex fragrance that caters primarily to mature men and women seeking a unique blend of woody and oriental notes. It is best suited for colder seasons and special occasions, rather than everyday wear.

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