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Reckless by Roja Parfums

Reckless by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Perfumer: Roja Dove

What Does Reckless Smell Like

Reckless by Roja Parfums opens with a zesty citrus punch of mandarin orange and orange, brightened by a touch of bergamot. The initial tangy scent is not overly sweet, but rather invigorating, awakening the senses and setting the mood for the aromatic journey.

Soon, the entire composition takes a floral turn as the bouquet of may rose, neroli, geranium, and grasse jasmine unfold in the heart. The may rose and neroli are predominant, creating a lush and full-bodied floral heart, while the geranium adds a green crispness, and the grasse jasmine lends a subtle sweetness to the blend.

Gradually, the base notes start to reveal themselves. Musk exudes a warm, sensual earthiness, while the coriander and sandalwood bring a spicy and creamy woodiness that grounds the overall scent. Pink pepper adds a slight kick of spice without being overbearing. Styrax imparts a mild, resinous sweetness, which is enhanced by the subtle, warm sweetness of benzoin and vanilla, with a dash of cinnamon adding a lingering spicy warmth to the drydown. Ultimately, Reckless by Roja Parfums is a complex, yet coherent scent that transitions from a fresh citrus and floral blend to a creamy, spicy, and subtly sweet drydown.

Review of Reckless

Reckless by Roja Parfums is a distinctive perfume, most notably enjoyed by mature women. It is an aromatic journey that begins with the sunny zestiness of mandarin orange, the bite of bergamot, and a hint of refreshing orange, igniting the senses right from the first spritz. This perfume is a delight for those who appreciate floral scents, with the blossom-like nuances of May rose and Grasse jasmine coming forward quite strongly in the middle notes.

Ideal for the colder seasons, Reckless offers a warm embrace, much needed on cold fall and winter days. It's not a light, breezy summer scent. Instead, it feels more like a comforting blanket of scent, enveloping the wearer in its rich, floral fragrance. This warmth makes it perfect for night outs and relaxed evening gatherings, adding a touch of class without being overly sophisticated.

However, despite its strong floral character, this perfume isn't for everyone. Those who are not fond of sweet, floral scents may find it a bit overpowering. The longevity of the scent is decent, not remarkable, but it certainly lasts throughout an evening.

In terms of value, you might feel that the cost is slightly on the higher side. But, considering the superior quality of ingredients and the craftsmanship that goes into its creation, it is a worthwhile indulgence for those who are passionate about their perfumes and love to make a statement with their fragrance.

Overall, Reckless by Roja Parfums is a bold, floral perfume with a hint of spice and sweetness. It's a perfume for the confident, self-assured woman who isn't afraid to be a little reckless.

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