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Scandal pour Homme by Roja Parfums

Scandal pour Homme by Roja Parfums
Concentration: Parfum
Gender: Men
Release date: 2011
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of Scandal pour Homme

What Does Scandal pour Homme Smell Like

Scandal pour Homme by Roja Parfums opens with a distinctive and lively blend of spicy, green, and citrus accents. The fresh, herbaceous notes of tarragon and basil intertwine with the zesty essence of bergamot and lemon. A subtle hint of lavender introduces a faint floral undertone, while spearmint adds a cool, minty twist.

As the fragrance develops, a diverse bouquet of floral notes emerges. The soft yet distinctive scent of violet mingles with the full-bodied aroma of Grasse jasmine. This is softened by the delicate sweetness of Lily of the Valley and accented by the romantic and light scent of May rose.

The perfume's base is earthy and robust, with cedarwood, mossy notes, and musk forming a solid foundation. Cardamom and clove introduce an Eastern-influenced spice, while cashmeran and labdanum infuse a warm, sweet, and subtly resinous character to the blend. Nutmeg and patchouli add a touch of exotic spice and depth, while rhubarb provides a mild tinge of fruity tartness. Sandalwood, tonka bean, and vetiver contribute oriental, woody, and earthy tones respectively. Lastly, a hint of ambergris adds a marine, slightly animalic touch, giving the perfume a complex and intriguing finish.

Review of Scandal pour Homme

Scandal pour Homme by Roja Parfums is a perfume specifically tailored for men who appreciate a strong, daring scent. Released in 2011, this fragrance has boldly etched its place in the perfume world. With an alluring blend of spicy and fougère notes, it has the potency to draw you in and leave a lasting impression.

The first whiff of Scandal pour Homme greets you with a spicy zest, underscored by strong green, citrus, and fresh elements. This dynamism is where the perfume truly shines. It is a scent well suited to those who dare to be different, and who prefer a certain edginess in their fragrance. Yet, the perfume isn't all spice and energy. It mellows out into an intriguing woody and floral undertone, offering a certain complexity that appeals to your senses.

The scent carries well through the seasons, making it a versatile choice for those in search of a year-round perfume. It seems to radiate a touch more vibrantly in the spring and fall, although it holds its own in the extremes of summer and winter.

As for occasions, this perfume is a reliable companion for business and daily wear but comes into its own when worn for leisure or a night out. Its endurance through the day is impressive, but it falls a touch short in terms of value for money, given its premium position in the Roja Parfums line.

In summary, Scandal pour Homme is a fragrance for bold men seeking a distinctive perfume to accompany them through every season and occasion. It's a strong scent with a daring personality, yet it might be a pricey investment for some.

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