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United Arab Emirates by Roja Parfums

United Arab Emirates by Roja Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014
Perfumer: Roja Dove

Key Notes of United Arab Emirates

What Does United Arab Emirates Smell Like

United Arab Emirates by Roja Parfums opens with a bright, citric note of bergamot mixed with the slightly bitter, green aroma of artemisia. This introduction is swiftly followed by a heart of floral notes - the classic sweetness of Grasse jasmine, the honey-like aroma of ylang-ylang, and the reminiscent petals of May rose. There's a hint of sharpness that lurks underneath, courtesy of Blackcurrant bud, while clove and geranium lend an earthy, spicy touch to the middle notes.

As the perfume progresses, the base notes come to the fore, dominated by the powerful scent of oud - a rich, deep, and complex woodiness that gives the scent its oriental character. Labdanum and pink pepper lend a warm, slightly sweet note. The warm spice of cumin, the light smokiness of frankincense, and the fragrant aroma of gaiac wood infuse the mix with an enigmatic depth. Musk and patchouli add sensuality, while cypriol and oakmoss provide a woody, earthy finish. An underlying touch of sweet, balsamic benzoin rounds off the perfume's overall profile. The scent evokes a sense of an oriental tapestry woven with floral, spicy, and woody threads.

Review of United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates by Roja Parfums is a fragrance that is unapologetically bold, perfect for someone who wants their scent to make a statement. Its formulation leans more towards men, presenting a oriental profile imbued with spicy and woody notes. This potent blend results in a perfume that is robust, with an undercurrent of warmth that is reminiscent of the rich cultural heritage of the UAE.

The perfume really shines during the cooler months of fall and winter, its bold composition complementing the chill in the air. It’s the ideal fragrance for those evening events or a night out, carrying an air of casual elegance that remains noticeable without being overpowering. Floral accents add a pleasant touch of brightness to the heavy oriental base, providing an interesting contrast.

Despite its richness, United Arab Emirates by Roja Parfums isn't overly sweet, instead favoring a smoky, resinous undertone. It's an interesting fragrance that is well-suited for those who prefer a scent that dares to be different.

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