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Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2005

Key Notes of Lovely

What Does Lovely Smell Like

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker evokes a floral meadow, touched by morning dew. On first sniff, your senses are embraced by a delicate mix of lavender and apple, a fresh and sweet combination that's brightened by an undertone of bergamot and mandarin orange. The hint of rosewood adds a warm, yet subtle, woody aroma that doesn't overpower, but grounds the scent beautifully.

As the perfume settles, it takes a slightly deeper turn. The earthy richness of patchouli emerges, softened by the romantic notes of bunch-flowered narcissus and the exotic scent of orchid. This interesting blend enhances the floral aspect while introducing a hint of mystery.

In its final stage, Lovely leaves a lasting impression. The base melds the sensual scent of musk with a blend of woods for a delicate yet robust finish. Cedarwood adds depth, while the white amber injects a soft sweetness, tying together the otherwise divergent notes. Overall, Lovely is a scent that is true to its name, capturing a light, floral essence with an undercurrent of depth and warmth.

Review of Lovely

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker is a well-crafted fragrance that appeals primarily to women. Released in 2005, this eau de parfum carries a dominant floral essence, coupled with intriguing powdery and woody undertones. Its fresh, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma brings to mind the renewing energy of spring, making it an ideal scent for this season. However, its balanced formulation also allows it to adapt well to the changing moods of fall and the warmth of summer. With its moderately lasting nature, Lovely is perfect for everyday wear, from casual outings to professional settings. Despite its somewhat limited sillage, it doesn’t overwhelm, delivering a subtle yet noticeable presence. There's a touch of synthetic elements, but they blend well into the scent profile, adding a modern edge. Lovely indeed presents good value, with its harmonious blend of scent notes and versatility across seasons and occasions. It's a confident, appealing choice for women seeking an everyday perfume with a pleasant floral character.

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