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Izia by Sisley

sisley izia
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Sisley

What Does Izia Smell Like

Izia by Sisley is a women's perfume that presents a predominantly floral scent profile, intermingled with citrus, fresh, and fruity undertones. The opening of this fragrance is marked by the moderate presence of Calabrian white bergamot, accompanied by a subtle breeze of aldehydes and a hint of pink pepper. As the perfume develops, a rich bouquet of rose emerges as the most dominant note, complemented by peony, angelica, jasmine, and lily of the valley, which contribute to the overall floral aroma.

In the base of Izia, cedar and musk notes become discernible, lending a touch of woody depth to the composition. The inclusion of amber adds a mild sweetness that softly counterbalances the floral and citrus elements. Throughout its progression, the scent maintains a balanced mix of fresh and green facets, with a slight touch of spicy warmth and an underlying synthetic nuance.

In summary, Izia by Sisley is a floral-forward fragrance, enhanced by the lively qualities of citrus and fresh accords, while its fruity, woody, sweet, spicy, and green elements work together to create a multifaceted and intricate scent experience.

Review of Izia

Izia by Sisley, released in 2017, is a versatile and well-rounded fragrance for women. Its dominant floral and citrus notes create a fresh and uplifting scent, making it perfect for daily wear or leisure activities. The perfume showcases a subtle fruity and woody undertone, adding depth and character to the overall aroma. Although the fragrance is predominantly targeted towards women, it has been appreciated by a small percentage of men as well.

The scent of Izia is well-suited for younger and older women alike, making it a universal choice for various age groups. Its fresh and citrusy notes shine during the warmer months of summer and spring, making it an ideal choice for those seasons. However, the scent can also be worn during the fall, and some users have found it suitable for winter as well.

In terms of performance, Izia has received praise for its longevity, ensuring that the wearer can enjoy the scent throughout the day. Its sillage is moderate, making it a suitable option for both business and casual settings without being too overpowering. The value for this perfume is also considered to be reasonable, given its quality and performance.

While the perfume is not specifically designed for evening events or night outs, some users have found it suitable for those occasions. Overall, Izia by Sisley is a well-rounded, fresh, and versatile fragrance that appeals to a wide range of women across different age groups and occasions.

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