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Soir de Lune by Sisley

Soir de Lune by Sisley
Gender: Women
Release date: 2006
Brand: Sisley

Key Notes of Soir de Lune

What Does Soir de Lune Smell Like

Soir de Lune by Sisley opens with a bright and energetic citrus zing, thanks to the lemon, bergamot and mandarin orange notes. These are spiced up subtly by the addition of coriander, nutmeg and a hint of pepper. This vibrant and spirited opening gradually gives way to a heart of delicate floral notes. Lily of the valley and Rosa centifolia are the stars here, providing a romantic, garden-fresh scent. Supporting characters, iris, jasmine, and mimosa come through, adding a touch of softness, while the faint hint of peach lends a slight fruity sweetness. As the perfume settles, the base notes of oakmoss, musk, honey, patchouli, and sandalwood emerge. The mossy and musky tones provide a grounding earthiness, the honey adds a touch of smooth sweetness, while the patchouli and sandalwood lend a gentle woody warmth. Overall, Soir de Lune is a chypre and floral perfume with a spicy, green and woody backdrop that creates an enticing and elegant aroma for women.

Review of Soir de Lune

Soir de Lune by Sisley, crafted in 2006, is a notable blend for the women who appreciate robust fragrances. It leans on the mature side, making it a fantastic choice for those with refined tastes. The perfume's longevity is commendable, ensuring that the scent lingers for a considerable duration, while the sillage, or scent trail, is unmistakably present without being overpowering.

The scent profile is a balanced blend of chypre and floral notes, with a hint of spice and undertones of green and wood. The sweetness is subtly incorporated, adding just the right touch of intrigue without making it overly sugary. The fresh elements play their part in keeping the scent grounded.

The seasonality of Soir de Lune leans towards the cooler months of Fall and Winter, while its versatility allows for use in Spring. It seems best suited for evening events or a fun night out, but can also be worn for daily activities or business meetings. Despite its higher-end positioning, the value offered by the perfume is reasonable.

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