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Cheirosa '71 by Sol de Janeiro

Cheirosa '71 by Sol de Janeiro
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020

What Does Cheirosa '71 Smell Like

Cheirosa '71 by Sol de Janeiro exudes a scent primarily dominated by a rich, sweet aroma of vanilla caramel. This sweetness is cleverly punctuated by a subtle hint of sea salt, adding an intriguing contrast that prevents it from becoming overly sugary. The journey into the heart of the perfume unveils a warm and tantalizing scent of roasted macadamia. The nutty fragrance is comforting, with a slightly toasted edge that adds depth to the blend. Woven into this is the delicate essence of white chocolate, which enhances the creaminess and gourmand facet of the perfume without overshadowing the other elements. As the scent settles, it leaves a lingering trail of tonka bean which imparts a smooth, subtly exotic undertone to the entire composition. The overall fragrance profile of Cheirosa '71 is a tantalizing mix of sweet, creamy and faintly oriental notes, presenting an almost dessert-like allure that is both indulgent and tastefully restrained. While the synthetic nature of some elements is noticeable, it doesn't distract from the perfume's captivating aroma, instead contributing to the perfume's interesting character. The final impression is a scent that's as tempting as a gourmet dessert, but with an added sprinkle of sophistication.

Review of Cheirosa '71

Cheirosa '71 by Sol de Janeiro is an alluring scent with an intriguing twist. What makes this perfume stand out is its sweet and gourmand nature, deftly combining a delicious medley of creamy, rich, and subtly synthetic notes. As the most apparent notes, vanilla caramel and roasted macadamia create an irresistibly warm, cozy scent that feels like a snug embrace on a chilly day.

While it is primarily catered to women, Cheirosa '71 doesn't play into the stereotypical floral or fruity notes often associated with female perfumes. Instead, it leans into bold, dessert-like aromas, appealing to those who enjoy indulgent, edible scents.

However, Cheirosa '71 is not without its flaws. Despite its delightful scent profile, it does leave something to be desired in terms of longevity and sillage. You might find the scent fading quicker than you'd like, making reapplication necessary to keep the scent alive throughout the day.

This perfume thrives in cooler seasons like fall and winter, when its warm, enveloping essence can truly shine. It's a versatile fragrance, equally suited for a leisurely day out or a cozy evening at home. But it might be a bit too sweet and bold for strictly formal or professional settings.

In terms of value, Cheirosa '71 offers good bang for your buck. It's a distinctive aroma, not a common find in today's perfume market. If you're a woman looking for a sweet, gourmand scent that strays from the typical, and you don't mind the need for occasional reapplication, Cheirosa '71 could be a delightful discovery for you.

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