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Soleil de Jeddah by Stéphane Humbert Lucas

Soleil de Jeddah by Stéphane Humbert Lucas
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013

Key Notes of Soleil de Jeddah

What Does Soleil de Jeddah Smell Like

The Soleil de Jeddah perfume by Stéphane Humbert Lucas opens with a lively, sunny citrus aroma from the lemon, intertwined with the sweet, fruity scent of osmanthus and a hint of calming Roman chamomile. This bouquet of scents lends an initial brightness that is both inviting and intriguing.

Transitioning from the initial freshness, the perfume evolves to reveal its heart of warm, sensual amber and earthy notes. These elements weave together, creating an olfactory experience that feels rooted and grounded. The orris root introduces a soft floral powdery touch, bridging the brightness of the top notes with the warmer heart of the perfume.

As the perfume continues to unfold, it reveals its base of rich Russian leather, providing a deep, sturdy backbone to the scent. This leathery note is smoothed out with the sweet, comforting aroma of Bourbon vanilla, which adds a certain depth and opulence. The orris butter reappears in the base, lending a creamy richness to the final stages of the scent.

Soleil de Jeddah is a perfume journey that begins with sunny brightness, descends into earthy warmth, and finishes with a rich, leathery sweetness. It's a scent that is both oriental and floral, yet leathery and sweet, making it truly a unisex fragrance.

Review of Soleil de Jeddah

Stéphane Humbert Lucas' Soleil de Jeddah released in 2013 is a scent that appeals to both men and women. It's an oriental perfume with a keen spicy kick, which is followed by a soft, floral heart. A leathery undertone gives it a bold, confident feel while the sweetness brings a pleasant, approachable character to it. Hints of fruit and wood blend seamlessly, adding depth to the overall scent profile. An earthy base with a touch of citrus provides freshness and balance, while the resinous notes add a warm, comforting touch. This perfume truly shines in the fall and spring, with its complex scent profile fitting perfectly into the transitional seasons. It's equally appealing for a night out or an evening event, yet it's also laid-back enough for leisure activities. Its longevity is commendable, lasting through the day or night, and the sillage is moderate, leaving a trail without being overly powerful. It offers decent value for its price, making it a solid investment for your perfume collection.

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