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Aura by Swarovski

Aura by Swarovski
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Brand: Swarovski

Key Notes of Aura

What Does Aura Smell Like

The first scent that greets your nostrils when you inhale Aura by Swarovski is the unmistakable aroma of roses. This fragrance is not aggressively floral, but rather a gentle, subtly sweet representation of the flower. There is also a tinge of lychee, providing a fruitiness that softens the floral intensity.

As the perfume settles, tuberose becomes more apparent. This scent has a creamy, slightly exotic presence in the nose. Yet, it doesn't overpower the fragrance but provides a pleasing softness and depth.

Gradually, the base notes come forward, with musk being the most noticeable. It has a warm, sensuous quality that adds depth to the fragrance, introducing an element of intrigue into the composition. Faint traces of pink pepper can be detected, adding a minute spiciness that gives the perfume a certain kick. Underlying hints of amber and benzoin reveal themselves, contributing an element of warm sweetness that delicately weaves itself into the overall fragrance.

All in all, Aura by Swarovski offers a rich, varied scent profile, moving from sweet floral and fruity to a more sultry, musky and slightly spicy aroma, with an undercurrent of warm, sweet resinous notes.

Review of Aura

Aura by Swarovski is a perfume that invokes the spirit of the woman who wears it, with a heavier leaning towards the mature audience. Its composition is a harmonious mixture of floral, fruity, and sweet scents, notably rose and lychee, with a soft powdery undertone. This combination sets a feminine tone that feels cozy and homey, yet there's a certain vitality and zest that shines through, making it appealing to a younger crowd as well.

The perfume blooms best during the spring season, when the floral elements can truly come into their own to echo the blossoming flowers. However, its versatility allows it to be worn comfortably during the warmer days of summer and the crispness of fall. Its winter presence, although less pronounced, still leaves a gentle, memorable imprint.

As for the occasions, leisure and daily activities are where Aura by Swarovski really stands out. It isn’t too overpowering for an office environment yet is playful enough for a casual outing. Night-outs and evening occasions may require a more potent perfume, as Aura's sillage may not be strong enough to make a bold statement.

In terms of longevity, this perfume is fairly reliable. It doesn't last all day but will carry you through a good portion of it, making it a dependable choice for those long business meetings or afternoon brunches.

The value for money aspect is a bit of a gray area. For some, the charm of Aura by Swarovski and its versatile usage might justify the price. However, those seeking a stronger, longer-lasting fragrance may find it somewhat lacking.

In conclusion, Aura by Swarovski is a pleasant, everyday perfume that beautifully balances sweetness with freshness.

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