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Casablanca by Swiss Arabian

Casablanca by Swiss Arabian
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Casablanca

What Does Casablanca Smell Like

Casablanca by Swiss Arabian starts off with a sweet and fruity scent that will remind you of biting into a ripe apple or savoring a juicy grape. The opening notes are deliciously sugary, calling to mind a succulent fruit salad. As the fragrance settles in, earthy undertones come into play, brought about by the presence of the orris root and a hint of patchouli. This combination creates a grounding contrast to the intoxicating sweetness of the initial fruit notes.

As the perfume continues to develop on the skin, it takes on a more oriental character. The base notes introduce a soothing balsamic aroma, lightly kissed with the warmth of amber and the comforting, creamy sweetness of vanilla. A whisper of musk adds a discreet yet distinct depth to the scent, making it more complex and intriguing.

In its entirety, Casablanca by Swiss Arabian presents a delectable blend of sweet, fruity, and gourmand elements, beautifully intertwined with oriental and creamy nuances. The fragrance gracefully transitions from a sugary fruit burst to an earthy heart, and finally settles into a warm, creamy base, offering an olfactory journey that is both engaging and satisfying.

Review of Casablanca

Swiss Arabian's Casablanca perfume is an enchanting blend that holds allure for both men and women, but it slightly leans towards a more feminine charm. Released in 2016, it's a wonderful mix of sweet, fruity, and gourmand notes, with a captivating oriental touch. The scent comes alive with a hint of creamy, spicy, and woody fragrances, a dash of freshness, and a subtle floral undertone.

This perfume truly captures the essence of fall but isn't out of place during winter or spring. It's a versatile scent that can accompany you during an evening soiree or a casual day out. However, the perfume's allure is most potent during night outs, making it the perfect accessory for a memorable evening. It's also a suitable choice for business settings, adding an extra layer of personality to your professional ensemble. Casablanca is a welcome addition to your daily routine, offering long-lasting wear for a delightful sensory experience throughout your day.

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