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Shaghaf Oud Abyad by Swiss Arabian

Shaghaf Oud Abyad by Swiss Arabian
Gender: Unisex

Key Notes of Shaghaf Oud Abyad

What Does Shaghaf Oud Abyad Smell Like

Shaghaf Oud Abyad by Swiss Arabian is a unisex perfume that starts with a distinctive blend of smoky and oriental notes, creating a rich and warm atmosphere. The top notes introduce a spicy combination of oregano and pepper, which are beautifully complemented by a hint of citrusy bergamot, adding a touch of brightness to the scent.

As the perfume unfolds, the middle notes reveal a complex mix of frankincense, amber, myrrh, and labdanum. The frankincense adds depth and a slightly balsamic quality to the fragrance, while the amber brings a sweet, resinous tone. Myrrh and labdanum contribute to the overall richness of the scent, creating a luxurious and opulent feel.

The base notes of the perfume consist of leather, oud, sandalwood, and patchouli. The leather adds a slightly animalic and provocative edge, while the oud lends its signature deep, woody aroma. Sandalwood contributes a soft, creamy aspect, and patchouli enhances the earthiness of the composition.

Overall, Shaghaf Oud Abyad is a captivating fragrance that combines smoky, spicy, woody, and resinous elements to create a scent that is both sophisticated and inviting. It is perfect for those who appreciate a bold and complex perfume with a strong oriental influence.

Review of Shaghaf Oud Abyad

Shaghaf Oud Abyad by Swiss Arabian is a blend of smoky, oriental, and spicy scents, with a touch of woody, resinous, and leathery notes. This unisex perfume is designed to be most appealing to men, making up half of its target audience. The smoky aroma and the oriental undertones give it a warm, inviting, and comforting feel, perfect for the colder months of winter and fall. Its spiciness adds an exciting edge to the fragrance, making it well-suited for evening events or a night out with friends.

The perfume's longevity is noteworthy, ensuring that the wearer will make a lasting impression throughout the evening. In terms of sillage, it is strong enough to catch people's attention without being overwhelming. This high-quality perfume is considered a great value, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a new scent without breaking the bank.

While this fragrance is primarily aimed at men, women who enjoy bold, smoky perfumes will also appreciate Shaghaf Oud Abyad. Its complex mix of notes creates a rich, deep scent that can be worn in various settings, from a leisurely night out to a more formal business gathering. It is a versatile fragrance, though it may not be the best choice for those who prefer lighter, more refreshing scents.

In conclusion, Shaghaf Oud Abyad by Swiss Arabian is a warm, inviting, and powerful fragrance that will appeal to both men and women who appreciate robust, smoky, and spicy scents. Its impressive longevity and sillage make it an excellent choice for those seeking a lasting impression.

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