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Dates Delight by The House of Oud

Dates Delight by The House of Oud
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Dates Delight

What Does Dates Delight Smell Like

Dates Delight by The House of Oud opens with a distinct sweetness, derived from the prominent date note. This sweetness is lightened by the subtle hint of peony, adding a floral touch to the initial sensation. As the perfume evolves, the aroma deepens into a warm and comforting blend, with spicy cinnamon and sweet caramel notes taking the front stage. The presence of tonka bean and coumarin enhance the perfume's overall richness, adding a mild depth to its profile.

As it settles, the perfume unveils its base of sugary sweetness, balanced with the slight bitterness of honey. This combination is accentuated by the soft and resinous scent of labdanum and benzoin, giving a distinct oriental fragrance to the perfume. The Indonesian oud adds a unique, slightly woody undertone to the perfume, not too overpowering but enough to balance the sweetness.

Overall, Dates Delight by The House of Oud is a sweet and spicy scent, with rich oriental and fruity notes that create a comforting, warm aroma. Despite its gourmand character, the perfume is not overly sweet, thanks to the subtle presence of floral, resinous, and woody elements that balance it out.

Review of Dates Delight

Dates Delight by The House of Oud is a perfume that's clearly won the hearts of many, particularly among the ladies. First released in 2016, this unisex scent has a rich, delectable aura that's hard to ignore. As the name implies, the perfume leans heavily on the gourmand side, evoking a luxurious dessert platter dusted with sweet spices. The initial burst of fruity dates gives way to an oriental base, with a subtle touch of woodiness and resinous notes adding depth and intrigue to the blend.

This is a perfume that thrives in the chillier months, its warmth and depth acting as a comforting cloak against the winter chill and crisp fall air. It's ideally worn for evening events or nights out, lending a touch of opulence to your aura. However, it also works for leisurely days, bringing a bit of indulgence to your daily routine. To sum it up, Dates Delight is a cosy, decadent fragrance that communicates a sense of lavish indulgence.

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